Full Name:Rolento Schugerg
Faction:Mad Gear Gang
Age:Early Fifties
Weight:185 lbs.
Blood Type:AB
Nationality:German (American born)
Eye Color:White
Hair Color:Brown
Hobbies:Wilderness survival, Baton polishing, Drills
Personal Treasures:His baton, used since the Vietnam war.
Favorite Food:Military rations.
Likes:Guerilla combat, tactics, disciplining
Dislikes:Weakness, insubordination, rabbits
OOC Data
Game:Final Fight
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Judgement! Grade C! Supplementary training suggested!"

A ruthless and ambitious man, Rolento Schugerg has one dream in mind: to construct a army powerful enough to match global-scale forces, and establish a dictatorship state under his control. Though it seems he is more fascinated by the conquering as opposed to the dictating, Rolento is brutal in his methods enough to ensure that few care about the difference. Cares little about honour, and believes that it has no place in a real war. A former member of the United States military, after he was dishonorably discharged he fell in Mad Gear... But he has again moved on, operating independently to construct the army he dreams of. Some suspect that the real reason he wishes to build his army is to outshine his rival Heidern and the Ikari Warriors, who overshadowed him countless times while he served in the Army.

Style:Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Stinger -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

Initial Assessments - Rolento's attempt to hire a Geki ninja was intercepted by Ibuki's offshoot. Ruthlessly hunted by El Gado while trying to reach Rolento, the madness of the world she's found herself in is only beginning to reveal itself... - Log created on 16:47:07 01/16/2015 by Rolento, and last modified on 13:04:31 01/17/2015. Cast: Ibuki, Rolento, and El Gado.

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