Full Name:Margeret Howard
Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Brody Armstrong
Theme Song:"The World Is Not Enough" - Garbage


"There is a difference between merely surviving a trial, and transforming within a crucible."

Once the heiress to a Rust Belt mining fortune, Margeret Howard was seperated from her parents when she was twelve years old during a raid by Shadaloo on their corporate facility in Java, and presumed dead by her family. However, Margeret survived, and was taken in by a group of bandit champions that had been fighting European exploitation of Indonesia for centuries, people that the natives of Java refer to coloquially as Jagos. Prisoner at first, she slowly began to believe in the cause of the Jagos once she saw the excesses of the poverty forced on the Indonesian people by the West. She learned deep breathing meditation techniques from a Javanese martial art derivative of Silat, known as Marpati Putih, and she felt herself becoming someone else. Once a spoiled little girl, she was now a woman with killer instinct, and took the name Rochelle. She became an assassin for hire in Southeast Asia, and her affiliation with Asian crime soon found her in Geese Howard's employ.

Style:Marpati Putih
Signature Move:Glittering Monsoon -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

Assassin vs Hero - A hero and an assassin meet on the beach! - Log created on 22:04:08 11/08/2018 by Koto, and last modified on 00:16:48 11/09/2018. Cast: Rochelle and Koto.

NL#0112: Masaaki vs Rochelle - Neo-League: Masaaki vs. Rochelle. Rochelle and Masaaki meet in battle for the second time, off the streets of Southtown, and in the harsh, cruel world of clowns. - Log created on 11:52:05 06/11/2018 by Rochelle, and last modified on 12:00:28 06/12/2018. Cast: Rochelle and Masaaki.

NL#0101: Rochelle vs Aranha - Keith Mason, aka. Aranha, finds himself matched up in the Neo League against, an assassin/enforcer of the Southtown Syndicate, Rochelle. A brutal fight takes place on the rooftop of Sunshine 60 in Sunshine City in order to determine who will reign supreme. (Winner: Aranha) - Log created on 19:39:57 05/27/2018 by Aranha, and last modified on 06:25:02 05/29/2018. Cast: Aranha and Rochelle.

Poison Butterfly Takes Flight - Southtown Syndicate enforcer Rochelle tracks down Masaaki Himura, to send a personal message about respect to Masaaki's Yakuza Clan. - Log created on 20:13:52 07/03/2017 by Rochelle, and last modified on 23:42:51 07/03/2017. Cast: Rochelle and Masaaki.

SNF: Last Train to Kirishima Springs - World wrestling darling Rainbow Mika seeks to return to her glory at the top of the fighter's spotlight, as Southtown Syndicate enforcer 'Rochelle' journeys out of the secret world beneath Japan to test herself once again. They meet on a flatbed train heading up a mountain, where the victor will bask in the sacred spirits of the Japanese springs. - Log created on 14:58:35 05/12/2017 by Rochelle, and last modified on 18:56:31 05/12/2017. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Rochelle.

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