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Game:Dead or Alive
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"Don't spoil all my fun."

A tall, powerfully built man, Rig knows very little about his own life, including his own real name. Most of his life has been spent out at sea on an oil drilling platform, where he began to work at a very young age and has never felt compelled to leave. Nicknamed 'Rig' by his fellow workers, he ended up keeping the moniker as his name. Life on the oil rig is not easy, with fights often breaking out between the tough men who work it. Learning he had to take care of himself, Rig taught himself Taekwondo over the years, eventually becoming a very capable fighter. There are rumors that his father is the immensely powerful and dangerous Victor Donovan, but out on the remote oil platform, Rig is content to enjoy throwing back a few drinks at the bar and hanging out with the men who have become his family over the years.

Style:Self Taught Taekwondo
Signature Move:Heaven to Hell -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

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