Full Name:Rick Strowd
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Some Casino.... I mean Reservation
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:August 19th
Hobbies:Wood Carving
Personal Treasures:Wife
Likes:Country Music
Dislikes:Perfumes and Froo Froo smells
Best Sport:Boxing, duh
OOC Data
Game:Fatal Fury
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"It's not your fighting style, it's your attitude."

A proud and somewhat cocky Native American warrior who has honed his fists into dangerous weapons. Rick Strowd hails from a tribe that tends to avoid the affairs of the big city and keep to themselves. Watching things from afar Rick decided to set out and help where he can by stopping minor crimes here and there and improving on his own style of boxing mixed with chi. He is inspired by a sense of self-improvement and that each fight will help this warrior better himself.

Style:Bare Knuckled Southpaw Pugilism
Signature Move:Hellion -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

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