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Game:Street Fighter
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Retsu was once a simple monk. Where his Buddhist brothers found peace, Retsu only could find a burning rage, storming within his soul. His temper was unrivaled, but not unnoticed: his brothers ultimately were forced to banish Retsu from the grounds. Enraged, he took to the roads, unleashing his wrath on any traveler he passed. One of those traveler , and the last of his victims, was a young man named Ryu. After the stranger defeated him readily, the man made him realize the full consequence of his wrath. Still banished, still wandering, Retsu now chooses a path to seek inner peace, a harmony he could not find in a monastic life. An old friend of Gouken, he is still curious in following what path Ryu and his other students have taken on, and how it can better serve his own path to enlightenment.

Style:Shorinji Kempo
Signature Move:Retsu Pray -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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