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Game:Mortal Kombat
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In the depths of the Outworld, there are the remains of worlds similar to our own. Whether they are alternate dimensions or timelines, it is not clear, nor is the cause of their destruction. But from the remains of one of these worlds, known only as Zaterra, a single survivor prowls. Syzoth, but commonly known as Reptile, is the last of his kind, a species of reptilian humanoids from the ruins of a world ravaged. Alone, he exists for one purpose: To find another of his kind somewhere across the vast stretches of the Outworld, and restore his people to their original glory. To this end, he finds himself in employ of the countless warlords throughout the Outworld, a mercenary of considerable skill. Able to camouflage himself and spit toxic poison, Reptile is an effective assassin and powerful warrior. But his loyalty is cold-blooded: his only goal is to revive his race, and everything he does is only a means towards that end.

Style:Hung Gar
Signature Move:Anguish -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

[Mortal Kombat] MK: Munin and ??? vs Reptile in "SINKING" - There is one obvious way off the island -- one of the massive galleons that brought the kombatants there in the first place. A gargantuan galleon of wood and steel, the vessel "Abandoned Hope" has more than enough room to ferry the survivors back to Earthrealm proper. It takes both a practiced sorceror and an experienced captain to navigate the leylines and return Earthrealmers from this hellish island -- and, fortunately, both are present aboard the ship. And even more fortunately, they are both willing to help people escape -- after all, their 'honorable' master Shang Tsung would just as soon see them perish with the rest of the island! MUNIN sneaks aboard the ship in order to secure it for Earthrealm's retreat -- but is she prepared to face Shang Tsung's enforcer REPTILE all by herself? - Log created on 19:58:32 03/24/2017 by Reptile, and last modified on 09:51:19 03/25/2017. Cast: Munin, Reptile, and I-No.

[Mortal Kombat] The Wolf and the Lizard - The answers which Nightwolf seeks come with a steep price. By initiating the conversation with the recently deceased Reptile, though, he is able to set the pace of the negotiation. - Log created on 20:15:16 10/19/2016 by Reptile, and last modified on 22:44:00 10/26/2016. Cast: Nightwolf and Reptile.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 1: Reptile vs Eadni - Shang Tsung: "REPTILE. Find the old woman who spoke out of turn at the reception. EADNI, I believe. I find those of loose tongue somewhat ill of manners. Perhaps she will find herself more amenable to your brand of conversation." - Log created on 11:58:48 09/12/2016 by Reptile, and last modified on 15:22:38 09/20/2016. Cast: Reptile and Eadni.

[Mortal Kombat] A Taste of Things to Come - On the island of the damned in the midst of the Lost Sea a gathering takes place. It is the commencement of the final Mortal Kombat tournament that will decide Earth's fate. Champions from Earth are summoned but their Divine Arbiter seems missing... - Log created on 20:49:49 09/01/2016 by Shang Tsung, and last modified on 02:22:39 09/29/2016. Cast: Honoka, Iori, Aranha, Charlie, Zach Glenn, Daniel, Zabel, Scorpion, Reptile, Nakoruru, Ryu Hayabusa, Cyrax, Alexis, Eadni, Shang Tsung, Cassie, Lotus, and Cooper.

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