Weight:187 lbs
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Light Brown
Hair Color:Black
Likes:Movies, Friends, New things, Modern Technology
Dislikes:Loading Times, Murderers, Fighting Women and Children
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Rashid of the Turbulent Wind is an exuberant man. Laidback and easygoing, don't let his appearance fool you. Rashid is a computer genius, and holds a natural knack at technology unparalleled... amongst his friends at least. Broad-hearted and friendly, he has a great love for both friends and family as well, no matter how distant they are. It is this love that drives him into the world, for he had found out that a missing friend of his was not simply missing, but kidnapped by Shadaloo. Using his technological know-how and his wind-based Parkour arts, Rashid believes he has what he takes to follow the threads of his missing friend. But does he have what it takes when he actually finds just how deep Shadaloo runs?

Signature Move:Eagle Spike -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2019.01] SNF: Drop The Ball - Rashid vs Potemkin - Saturday Night Fight loves the New Year because it means twelve months of thrilling new matches, exciting new fighters, and surprising new matches. In honor of the holiday, the promotion financed the construction of an arena constructed atop the Metro Square ball, gifting the city - the world - an opportunity to celebrate in violent style. To best stress test the arena, Zepp's armored behemoth Potemkin and the dynamic zephyr Rashid have been chosen to put it - and each other - through their paces while midnight approaches! (Winner: Rashid) - Log created on 18:59:18 01/26/2019 by Rashid, and last modified on 22:31:02 01/26/2019. Cast: Potemkin and Rashid.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - To The Pain - The trails of Rashid's missing friend stretch out further and further, deep into the heart of Sunshine City. Using the information given by Kolin, he joins the assault with Interpol and the Special Forces against the entrenched Shadaloo stronghold. Using a security code found in the flash drive, he is able to dive deep into one of the last known locations of his friend. There, he discovers the true intentions of those who are captured by Shadaloo... and encounters FANG, who is more than happy to inflict the worst kind of punishment upon the hero. - Log created on 13:10:41 09/06/2018 by FANG, and last modified on 17:37:32 09/08/2018. Cast: FANG and Rashid.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - Grist of the Mill - Under Kolin's orders, Whitney Saulder organizes a meeting to ascertain the capabilities of the Illuminati's newest potential asset. - Log created on 11:07:53 07/29/2018 by Whitney, and last modified on 12:53:30 08/03/2018. Cast: Rashid and Whitney.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Cold Case - In a data center located in Mexico City, Rashid hopes to find his friend--or at least, traces of her. Unfortunately for him, Kolin's already come and taken the information he might need... how can he get it from her? - Log created on 16:10:36 07/08/2018 by Kolin, and last modified on 23:22:33 07/08/2018. Cast: Rashid and Kolin.

[SNF 2018.06] SNF: Five Nights At Spangles - Riptor vs Rashid - As part of the new initiative from Spangles, a new line of attractive, fun animatronics are being introduced to encourage more parties at the Spangles. Replacing the old Showup Hoedown animatronics, the DinoSpangles Friends are the latest in realistic robots to entertain children. The first of such, Clowniosaurus Rex, is still in it's crate in the back room, ready to set up. Rashid needs to spend the night as security work, to make sure nothing bad happens to the new products overnight. What isn't known is that Ultratech is the one providing the animatronics, and the animatronics are actually Riptor, who is a cyborg velociraptor, trained to entertain, nurture, and play with children and unconscious. Rashid is not children. And he sure isn't unconscious yet. - Log created on 12:21:08 06/15/2018 by Rashid, and last modified on 16:53:12 06/15/2018. Cast: Riptor and Rashid.

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