Height:5'10" (178cm)
Weight:170 lbs (77kg)
Blood Type:Divine +
Eye Color:White, stormy
Hair Color:White
OOC Data
Game:Mortal Kombat
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


"When a god speaks, heed him."

Driven by the ancient essence of a once mortal champion, Raiden is lightning given form, a being manifested from the primal energies of the world. For thousands of years he has walked among humanity, serving as both guide and arbiter. He has been known by many names, and worn many faces. The Taoists know him as Lei Gong, punisher of wicked spirits. The Lakota refer to him as Haokah, an angry spirit that warns of coming peril. To the Ainu, he is Kamuy Kanna. But no matter his name, he has always served a single purpose: to defend this realm from the monstrous forces that might wish to harm it. Vast in his power, with all the wrath of a thunderstorm contained within the shell of a man, it would be a foolish force indeed that chose to test him.

Style:Nan Chuan
Signature Move:Lightning -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

NOL Bounty Data

Raiden AKA: The Thunder God
Class: SSBounty: $65,000,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Self-proclaimed god that claims credit for a mass murder in Hokkaido, Japan. Claims to be able to drown the Earth with a storm ritual.

Recent Logs

[The Descent] Round 3 - Unholiest of Holies - A Forgotten Temple in Japan's alight with the poisonous after-effects of playing host to not one, but two cruel divinities in the span of a month. Once-still and silent halls now crawl with stalking shadows and blood-curdling vibrations, even in the light of day-- even in the presence of a Thunder God and a rising star in the Librarium trained to manage phenomena just like this; even if they've only been brought together to determine which has the strength of will and arms to Descend. - Log created on 16:13:47 08/15/2022 by Marduk, and last modified on 09:31:59 08/24/2022. Cast: Marduk and Raiden.

[The Descent] Round 2 - Coming Forth By Day - Warmed by the touch of cosmic and corrupted flames, the long-abandoned Antechamber of a lost and Forgotten Tomb in the Sahara Desert teems with visitors for the first time in countless centuries: the mournful spirits of a God-King's bereaved family and worshippers, come to pay their last respects once more; the Thunder God Raiden, fresh from a brush with grim duty; and the Mad Sage Relius, armed with forbidden data from an infernal knight. - Log created on 10:00:22 07/19/2022 by Relius, and last modified on 11:29:43 07/31/2022. Cast: Raiden and Relius.

[The Descent] Round 1 - They Live - A haunted Graveyard rife with eerie lights and skeletal hands creeping forth from mounded dirt plays host to the Thunder God and the Killasaurus as ironclad order meets screaming chaos. - Log created on 20:22:01 07/12/2022 by Alexis, and last modified on 21:19:39 07/18/2022. Cast: Raiden and Alexis.

Lightning Strikes In Hel - A Tyrant meets a God. Can a deal be struck? - Log created on 00:26:05 06/10/2022 by Lord Mordread, and last modified on 14:31:15 06/13/2022. Cast: Raiden and Lord Mordread.

What happens in Vegas - Raiden finds himself in Las Vegas, Nevada--right near the site of Felicia's new casino project. He gets a traditional Las Vegas welcome. - Log created on 14:49:14 03/24/2022 by Felicia, and last modified on 00:31:36 04/08/2022. Cast: Felicia and Raiden.

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