Full Name:Rafferty Lawrence Stewart
Faction:Pacific High
Weight:170 lbs.
Blood Type:O
Hometown:San Gabriel, California
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Platinum Blonde
Date of Birth:February 14th 2006
Hobbies:Shopping, Socialising, Watching Classic Movies
Personal Treasures:Modelling Portfolio, Aftershave Collection
Favorite Food:Chocolate Truffles
Likes:Beautiful Women, Designer Clothes, Champagne
Dislikes:Jealous Boyfriends/Husbands
Best Sport:Swimming
Love Interests:Open To Offers
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Lucky Blue Smith
Theme Song:SexyBack by Justin Timberlake


"The better you look, the more you see."

The product of a secure but fairly average background in Southern California, Rafferty found himself thrust into a life of glitz and glamour when he signed a modelling contract that took him to Southtown. Having now graduated from Pacific High, he has set his sights on a career as a film star and is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve his ambition. After agreeing a deal with a suspicious looking lawyer, it seems his stardom is set to soar. He even seems to be less cowardly than before. What can have brought about this dramatic change in the young Hollywood hopeful?

Signature Move:Blue Steel -- ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:REFLECT -- DEFLECT

Recent Logs

Call Me Liza!: Ghost In The Machine - After months without word from his robot girlfriend Nena, Rafferty is ready to get back on the dating scene, and he's chosen to ask Raiza (Liza?) out while he's in California to visit his family. It's a nice first date for the teenage kunoichi... until it isn't. - Log created on 15:00:10 07/23/2023 by Raiza, and last modified on 19:59:46 07/24/2023. Cast: Rafferty and Raiza.

Things changes - Talking about the old times and the new times. - Log created on 10:10:28 05/24/2023 by Edenlith, and last modified on 10:08:10 05/28/2023. Cast: Edenlith and Rafferty.

Edge of Seventeen - It's the eve of Rafferty's seventeenth birthday and he's feeling reflective. - Log created on 16:11:54 03/22/2023 by Rafferty, and last modified on 07:32:16 03/24/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Rafferty.

[Dead or Alive] Dominus - The roar is louder than anything has a right to be. The plan was to escape, to pull back, to finally enjoy some peace and quiet. Then apparently a tyrannosaur broke confinement. During a relatively uneventual checkout at one of the Dead or Alive Visitor's Centers watching the final matches and accompanying news from what one would imagine to be a safe distance, an entire wall caves in. Apparently, Darkstalker attacks have destabilized nearby JANUS facilities, and well, apparently there's some confusion about where the sophisticated ICE system is supposed to be. As well as where Rafferty is supposed to be. Oh dear. - Log created on 18:18:10 12/23/2022 by Edenlith, and last modified on 11:34:15 01/08/2023. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

[Dead or Alive] Break-In - Daisuke and Edenlith (with Storm) save Rafferty. They are not super quiet about it. - Log created on 14:25:52 04/07/2022 by Edenlith, and last modified on 10:20:11 05/06/2022. Cast: Edenlith, Rafferty, and Daisuke.

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