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"You've inspired me! Perhaps we can meet later for a sitting."

Radha Mistry is a painter in water, streaking delicate pastels across paper and illuminating action, scene and color. Her work is placed in galleries and bought by collectors in her birth home of London and in the cities of India - and worldwide as well. She takes inspiration in the world's fighters, participating herself with a Silanbam stick-fighting style heavily accented by rippling patterns and nets of watery light. It's quite the show, even if she's got more of an "artistic temperament" outside of the squared circle. She also has a collection of personal works kept in her home - memorable and unique, one and all, because they are made from dead people. There is a connection to 'the Rusalka disappearances,' a trail of vanishings that all end at the water's edge with defaced identity documents, eerie wet footsteps, and no trace of the departed. But it's tenuous: Water is a slippery thing, after all.

Style:Silambam-inspired Stick Dancing
Signature Move:Fetish -- THROW
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2017.04] SNF: This Train Don't Stop There Anymore - Natural hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in Japan... when it's cold out! But right now, after the Hanami season and Spring Break have ended, it's a great time to rebuild the train station servicing the local hot spring of Mt. Kirishima... The locals want a bigger station. But real estate being what it is in Japan, there's no space -- that means the old station has to come down first! PFW has graciously stepped in to volunteer TIZOC and RADHA as a part-time wrecking crew here. Some of the walls have already been battered down with heavy machinery, so there's no telling when the entire structure could collapse! Luckily, a film* crew is on tap to make sure all the exciting action gets caught on tape*. * ( Haha, "film." Haha, "tape." Such quaint expressions! They've got HitBit suites strapped to the front of their hard hats! ) (WINNER: Radha) - Log created on 19:26:02 05/03/2017 by Tizoc, and last modified on 22:31:40 05/13/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Radha.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Alan vs Radha in 'Lisa Frankly' - You guys remember Lisa Frank, right? Those cute, colorful trapper keepers with the adorable animals on them? of course you do. Lisa Frank defined a generation, with high-quality, wholesome artwork for school supplies across the country. And what could be more wholesome than a dignified, public fight right outside their headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. The two lucky fighters? Alan R.B., the mystery wrapped in an enigma who left his last perfectly legal fight as a rising cult star. Facing off against him? The winner of the last fight Alan watched over, the artistic genius Radha Mistry. And what better form of art is there than the high quality corporate productions of Lisa Frank? - Log created on 18:43:38 02/04/2017 by Alan, and last modified on 12:05:16 02/14/2017. Cast: Alan and Radha.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Bright Lights, Big City - Ah. The sounds of the cities. The sights. The verbal, physical, and other kinds of assault on the senses. Country girls need not apply for big city living. A far cry from a more serene life, two ladies will be breaking it down. Both Seori and Radha will duke it out in Downtown Southtown, right in the heart of a traffic jam. That's Alan's job, as the chaos agent of this match. Alan will be entrusted in making a nice, high-quality traffic jam right here in the heart of the city. It's up to you Alan. Make a nice, loud accident right out in the open for Seori's and Radh's sake, and I'll make sure you'll have a nice bottle of sake. Oh, and also punch them and make chaos. Punching and causing traffic accidents. You got a heck of a weekend Alan. - Log created on 19:35:00 01/16/2017 by Seori, and last modified on 11:52:06 01/24/2017. Cast: Alan, Radha, and Seori.

[SNF 2016.12] SNF: Trish vs Radha In: Santas: The Christmasing - Like Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and Mummies, there are other creatures that were once men but are now tragic souls. Known broadly as Santas, these tragic souls have been damned into serving children across the world. Each one is different, but all have suitably angst-ridden backgrounds that describe their afflicted state. While they cling to their humanity, they have to balance out their 'Jolly' against their Humanity. A Santa, with high enough Jolly, will have unbelievable powers, but will quickly grow distant to their humanity, and may lose themselves to the Christmas Spirit. Here, in the North Pole, two must endure the santaing. Radha is a North, a Santa of traditional eastern Russian mythology, and built on the legends of Saint Nicholas. She is capable of dual-wielding swords, can shape the snow and ice to powerful shapes, and have the incredible ability to teleport through entryways and portals. Trish is one of the El Santos , the Santas that live on top of cloud castles, employ children around the world to make toys, and are great friends with Merlin, and enemies with Pitch. For both, they have a simple goal: To overcome their Christmas Spirit, and come to terms with_ themselves. <Winner: Capitalism. --I mean Trish!> - Log created on 20:01:06 01/08/2017 by Trish, and last modified on 00:02:59 01/14/2017. Cast: Trish and Radha.

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