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Game:Dead or Alive
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"Night has lifted, dawn has come."

Born into a life of conflict, Rachel bears the burden of being considered only half human by her own people - an anathema, a half-fiend. In response to being an outcast from her home, she dedicated herself to becoming powerful enough to hunt Darkstalkers and protect others who would be targeted by them. The apex of her life long hunt came not long ago when she was forced to slay her own twin sister who had given into the fiend blood within her and fallen to corruption. Since then, Rachel has continued her life long goal of hunting down and destroying all demons in existence. Powerfully built, Rachel is able to fight most opponents with direct, overwhelming brute force, with brutal strikes and unending chains of painful body slams.

Style:Counter Fiend Combat
Signature Move:Rod of Asclepius -- THROW
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

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