Full Name:Quon Chen
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Hong Kong
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Love Interests:n/a
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Fuel - Metallica


Quon comes from a home with a loving family. He isn't rich and he isn't poor either. He had enough to live comfortably. The only hardships he has known are the ordeals he willingly went through to learn Chongquan, a hard style centered around direct and forceful strikes. It has a tradition known for its lack of flair. In spite of that, Quon had altered the style to fit his own particular sensibilities. The end result is a style that while it is recognizable as Chongquan, it's significantly more flashy than most practitioners of that style. It is hope that the fighting world will provide an opportunity to fulfill his dream of being an action star. Of course, that dream shouldn't be a surprise. This cheerful fighter is happiest when he gets to perform for an audience.

Signature Move:Crossing the Bridge -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

[Neo League 0120] NL#0137: Chet vs Quon - Neo League once again brings together two competitors for a bout to see who will make it to the tournament of 8 at the end of the season. Quon Chen takes on a man known Chet, one of the point leaders in the league in a brutal, back and forth battle. (Winner: Chet) - Log created on 19:45:53 12/02/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 21:15:23 01/05/2019. Cast: Quon and Chet.

[Neo League 0120] NL#0130: Koto vs Quon - The Neo League decided to shake things up with a last minute arranged fight between Quon Chen and Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon. The fight goes to the wire as aspiring actor and sentai seek to test each other in combat and take their next steps towards fame and fortune. - Log created on 18:20:33 11/15/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 14:57:08 11/19/2018. Cast: Quon and Koto.

[Circuit of Champions] SNF: ROOKIE RED BELT - Lightning Spangles vs Quon - Lightning Spangles (the one people like) has held the Rookie Red Belt far longer than the other Lightning Spangles, acting as a bulwark against all up and comers from making it big. With the Rookie Riot wreaking havoc in the underbelts, she faces a challenger from out of the blue. The Chongquan student Quon Chen brings his dynamic flair right to the footsteps of the Spangles Fast Food Restaurant. Can the littlest Spangles defend her title in front of her all her adoring fans? - Log created on 19:46:44 04/12/2018 by Pepper, and last modified on 22:11:46 04/15/2018. Cast: Quon and Pepper.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R3 - Kelly vs Quon - A pair of rising stars clash in the Heavens for a chance to shine on the big stage! Though neither of them have much experience, they both have a lot of heart! Now it's time to see which one has the determination to show what they're made of and truly stand out among the crowd! - Log created on 14:34:50 02/15/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 09:10:45 02/20/2018. Cast: Aranha, Quon, and Kelly.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R2 - Quon vs Daisy - In the second round of the Golden Angel, Quon Chen and Daisy Mallone fight in the gift shop. But what kind of chaos can happen when two individuals with unusual levels of luck are gathered in a small space to fight? [Winner: Quon] - Log created on 12:05:35 01/26/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 18:39:48 01/28/2018. Cast: Quon and Daisy.

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