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Game:Mortal Kombat
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Quan Chi

Quan Chi is known in the Netherrealm as the most powerful sorcerer ever seen. A master of necromancy, as he is able to reanimate the dead, capture wayward souls, and even absorb them into himself. He is also capable of freely traveling through the realms through portals that he will summon at will. A dark and twisted man, his sorcery is unfortunately nowhere near his strength in combat, a dangerous prospect in the Outworld. Thus, Quan Chi is forced to deal in the shadows, leading his victims to their own undoing with false promises rather than using his sorcery to destroy them. Here, Quan Chi waits and watches, ready to assume even more power past his already incredible limits.

Signature Move:Enchantment -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R1 - Quon vs Alexis - As part of the Golden Angel tournament Alexis and Quon are set to square off. Each opt to not wear the sunscreen for different reasons. This brutal showdown to determine who has the most potential star power. [Winner: Alexis] - Log created on 18:58:42 01/11/2018 by Quon, and last modified on 13:37:43 01/16/2018. Cast: Quon, Alexis, and Quan Chi.

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