Faction:Sacred Order
Weight:108 lbs
Blood Type:B
Nationality:Japanese (Kunigami)
Eye Color:Deep blue
Hair Color:(Bulb) Cyan, (Hair) Red
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:- The Toxic Avenger - My Only Chance.


A member of the Sacred Order since she was able to join, Pukai spent her youngest years within the group. The only family she ever knew, even that was almost banished from her when a dormant curse inflicted upon her when she was young metamorphosed her into a darkstalker upon coming of age. A bit forgetful, a tad ditzy, and prone to blanking out, Pukai has weathered the change with a smile, hope, and spritely antics. This is with an odd contrast to her rather serious nature regarding her duty in the Sacred Order and her belief in the Goddess. While good natured, the change has left her highly self-conscious. A fact that she does her best to avoid through what she deems necessary at the time. Pukai's change came with many negatives but had also raised her from just a normal soldier within the Order. Due to the nature of the curse, she was left with a modified form and additional translucent appendages, tendrils, and body that float about her much like that of a jellyfish tell of the abyssal nature of the curse. Relying on the somewhat surprising acceptance of the monster-girl culture that grew to popularity, Pukai has attempted to function as a member of the Sacred Order as one that would be hunted though would be among the first to deny her currently true nature. With the advent of the Gear assaults on Japan, her concern has fallen mostly on the weakened seals and what they hold with one in particular that is more personal than the rest.

Style:Holy Order Training and Fell Curse
Signature Move:Cnido Phore -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel Finals - Nensei Sentai Gooranger - Five teenagers with attitude receive a golden ticket, their invitation to the Golden Angel finals as the highest-scoring participants. However, rather than their promised chance to get a wish granted, our heroes are instead made privy to the dark secrets behind the tournament! Faced with a terrifying horror wrought by science, can they prevail? Just who was Kintoki Aho, anyway? And did they ever get that shower they asked for?! - Log created on 18:27:36 03/17/2018 by Frei, and last modified on 11:06:35 03/19/2018. Cast: Hotaru, Kazuki, Clio, Makoto Nanaya, and Pukai.

To What Extent Are We Human? - Within Southtown, trouble is brewing in the form of a man named Whitney Saulder. He has a few philosophical curiosities to discuss over the fate of a darkstalker. Who better than the faithful knight Pukai to question on the matters of religion and the behavior of humanity? - Log created on 22:45:11 02/24/2018 by Whitney, and last modified on 15:15:29 02/25/2018. Cast: Whitney and Pukai.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R3 - Pukai vs Kang - Entering the Golden Angel tournament only to find himself armed with a water gun did not excite Kang, but to get a real fight from Pukai was another matter. The strange woman gave him dreams of a unique actress only to find she is perhaps unatainable - Log created on 20:29:56 02/24/2018 by Kang, and last modified on 22:50:20 02/24/2018. Cast: Kang and Pukai.

Clocktower Friends - Pukai does her dutiful work at the Vatican grounds, she uncovers a trail of feathers. She quickly finds a distraught Dizzy, hiding from the rest of the Sacred Order, trying to change herself into fitting in with her human companions. The gentle jellyfish girl works to calm down the upset Command Gear, and teaches her that she is not alone. - Log created on 19:25:01 02/12/2018 by Dizzy, and last modified on 00:45:04 02/13/2018. Cast: Dizzy and Pukai.

[Golden Angel 2018] Golden Angel R2 - Haruna vs Pukai - HARUNA ABE faces the immense challenge of her life in the form of a cheerful aquatic girl who has the power to summon watery tendrils from Hell. In the end, PUKAI prevails, while also rubbing a hippo. This is probably not a Pop Team Epic episode. - Log created on 20:16:16 01/26/2018 by Haruna, and last modified on 19:21:54 02/02/2018. Cast: Pukai and Haruna.

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