Full Name:Poison Kiss
Faction:Mad Gear Gang
Weight:115 lbs.
Blood Type:STD-free
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Pink
Hobbies:Grifting, Stealing, Threatening, Sexually Harassing
Personal Treasures:Body, Nazi Hat
Favorite Food:French Fries
Likes:Money, Material Possessions, Hardbodied Men
Dislikes:Haggar, Police, Internet Wrestling Forums
Best Sport:Foxy Boxing
OOC Data
Game:Final Fight
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:"Poison" by Alice Cooper


Having raised herself on the mean streets of Southtown, Poison is the classic case of bad girl gone good gone bad again. She came up in the gang lifestyle, a member of the notorious Mad Gear at the peak of its powers, but was able to turn her back on that life and achieve success as the valet of pro wrestling sensation Hugo. Recently, though, Poison has returned to a life of crime, putting in work for no less than Geese himself, citing the faster nature of dirty money... and the sheer fun of breaking the law. Her style is a self-taught mix of bone-breaking blows and dirty cheating, honed from years of being a beautiful girl in one of the worst ghettos any city can offer. Her favorite weapons are her bullwhip and her body, and she's not hesitant to make full use of either one.

Style:Self-Taught BDSM Love Fighting
Signature Move:Whip of Love -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

Catching Up Madly! - Is it a new partnership in the making? Poison comes a callin' on old comrades with dollar signs in her eyes and a certain meat head in mind to help make riches a reality! - Log created on 21:04:00 04/28/2021 by Abigail, and last modified on 23:35:53 04/28/2021. Cast: Poison and Abigail.

[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R1 - Poison vs Kuma - In a seedy underground fighting cage tucked away somewhere in glorious Spain, Poison finds herself facing off with an actual for real god damn bear to claim her spot in the Rising Star Tournament. Seriously, who even makes these rules? Surely this must be cheating. - Log created on 20:25:39 03/29/2021 by Kuma, and last modified on 00:01:41 03/30/2021. Cast: Poison and Kuma.

The UN Needs More Horsepower! - With the chance for global prominence at their finger tips, due to the unexpected contract with the U.N., the time for Mad Gear to call in its big guns has arrived..that is assuming Katana and Poison can convince Abigail to set aside his love for Monster Truck Rally's in order to add his horsepower to Mad Gear's efforts. - Log created on 22:35:26 10/23/2017 by Abigail, and last modified on 02:30:24 10/24/2017. Cast: Katana, Poison, and Abigail.

Five Cards - Stray meets Poison in his base of operations, with a proposition. Skull Cross needs muscle, but it also needs flair. And Poison Kiss just happens to know both. - Log created on 23:30:12 05/16/2017 by Stray, and last modified on 00:54:34 05/17/2017. Cast: Stray and Poison.

A Poisonous Buffet - Poison manages to con her way into Zack's tournament by bribing Hugo with chinese buffet and potato lies. Somewhere in the midst of this, Johnny Cage is piledrived for beating Hugo at the spot for Jezebel's partner. (Not that Poison would have let him anyway, mind...) - Log created on 16:46:44 01/28/2015 by Hugo, and last modified on 21:08:31 01/30/2015. Cast: Poison, Hugo, and Johnny Cage.

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