Faction:Novus Orbis Librarium
Blood Type:
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Status:Available for Apps
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"Ragna, why don't you understand? It's such a wonderful thing!"

A successful enterprise in artificial creation, Nu-13 was cloned from the long-abducted Saya as a base, making a powerful individual able to enter the Boundary and remain there indefinitely. Countless souls were converted into liquid seithr to smelt her over a long period of time, although this process was mentally scarring and torturous as a result. Continuously enhanced by Relius and fine-tuned by Hazama, Nu-13 conceals a massive flaw due to her absolute obsession for Ragna the Bloodedge. Her usually stoic and analytical personality falls to pieces at even his name, devolving into a sadistic desire to kill and be killed by him, believing from the tortures of her creation that expressing love is done no other way, haunted by the phantoms of Saya's affection and attachment. She is fueled by an incredible life force and is amongst the most potent agents in NOL's employ utilizing a series of floating blades and astonishing energy generation, although her unstable soul and mental state steadily degrade away day by day. She is not known to be affiliated with the group, giving her a much wider berth of deniable actions.

Style:Murakumo Combat Arts
Signature Move:Sword Summoner -- PHYSICAL ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

Those who play with the Devil's toys. - ...will be brought by degrees to wield his sword. A new life, so much time passed before the experiment that gave birth to the Murakumo units one of her co-creators kept in the dark. What was Relius hiding away down there in the shadow of an incomplete kiln. The finished product! After all that work, were they wrong? One unit lost somehow the other.. well. it was creepy, broken and insulting! No, just a first impression. Definately not trustworthy, dangerous and an completely unknown variable. Something to envy, something to watch warily. - Log created on 23:55:56 01/29/2018 by Nine, and last modified on 08:59:39 03/11/2018. Cast: Nine and Nu-13.

Love Is Pain - Throughout the war with the Gears, souls have been drawn into a hidden Cauldron beneath Southtown to smelt Nu-13. Sadly, the only one present when it finally finishes is Hazama. However, a certain malevolent entity knows very much the flaws inherent in the final Murakumo unit, and when her eyes have barely gotten used to the light of the world, whispers one name: Ragna the Bloodedge... - Log created on 19:59:54 12/27/2017 by Terumi, and last modified on 11:12:19 12/28/2017. Cast: Nu-13 and Terumi.

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