Full Name:Reya "Neon" Romero
Weight:148 lbs
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Miami, FL
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blonde (Naturally Black)
Hobbies:Clubbing, Shopping, Driving
Personal Treasures:Diode Leather Jacket
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Paradise Walk - Neon Rain


"Either you make this easy and surrender or I'm going to have to light you up."

When the police are outclassed by a trained fighter, they need to call in specialists to handle the situation. Detective Reya Romero is one of those experts. With a personality and lifestyle that has earned her the nickname "Neon," it would be easy to assume that she was little more than a piece of Miami's club scene dredged up from the '80s, right up until she body checks a suspect into one of her light barriers. Initially mastered as part of her goal to protect the civilians she's sworn to protect, through a decade of service Neon has managed to turn those shields into a weapon to bring down out-of-control fighters with minimum collateral damage. Try to fight against her and you'll soon feel the walls closing in.

Style:Police Anti-MA Arts
Signature Move:Starlight Passion -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[SNF 2016.07] SNF: MURDERHOUSE vs Neon - Hotline Miami! - You have a phone call. They tell you to go to a certain place on the Miami streets at night. Once you get there, you find a collection of masks. Rooster, Pig, Owl, Snake. All kinds of masks. Neon has a hit on MURDERHOUSE. MURDERHOUSE has a hit on Neon. Not to kill. But to fight. Neon and MURDERHOUSE will duke it out in the seediest of seeds, on hot Miami nights, on the border between Everglades and Miami. Do you feel like a killer? (WINNER: See within!) - Log created on 18:57:58 07/18/2016 by MURDERHOUSE, and last modified on 21:15:03 07/22/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Neon.

[KOF 2016] KOF Stage 1: Team Interpol vs Team Sunshine - The Pao Pao Cafe is well known for Southtown affecindos as the one place for food, fun, and fighting. Thanks to the fact that most of the worldwide competitive fighting runs through Southtown one way or another, the world will get the opportunity to experience a local treasure within the city. Team Interpol will be leading off with Agent Daniel 'Lady Killer' Little against Miami sensation Reya "Neon" Romero. It's detective on detective action right down at Pao Pao cafe. And remember: Thursday is Girl Teams Night! Three for One specials for girls teams! <Winner: Team Interpol> - Log created on 22:13:30 06/17/2016 by Daniel, and last modified on 22:23:02 06/24/2016. Cast: Ingrid, Daniel, Lita, Sergei, Noboru, Jedah, and Neon.

Eternal Glory - Returning from yet another one of her mysterious disappearances, the famed Eternal Goddess of the world fighting circuit has returned and announced her plans to take part in the new King of Fighters tournament. Who will step up to the challenge of impressing this martial arts diva and earn a place on her team? - Log created on 14:08:43 05/20/2016 by Ingrid, and last modified on 10:37:47 05/21/2016. Cast: Noboru and Neon.

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