Weight:249 lbs
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Yellow
Hair Color:Black (sometimes glowing red)
Date of Birth:January 11
Likes:Powerful souls
Dislikes:Manmade things, people
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:



A force of nature. Necalli is less of a name, and more of a title, a warning. Legends hold that this man, if you can call it a man, is waiting, has been waiting in the heart of Central America, long before Europeans even touched upon the new world. Waiting for the Black Moon to rise, waiting for the Hour of Battle. Until this moment comes, Necalli hunts and feeds. He seeks the strong, in order to fight them. Sometimes for rituals, profane rites to appease forgotten gods. Other times to weaken strong prey, in order to feast upon their souls. Utterly loathing the whole of humanity, Necalli is a wild and malicious man, embodying the worst and most terrifying heart of darkness of the forbidden jungle. A title. A force of nature. A warning.

Signature Move:Savage Disc's Guidance -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PRESENCE -- ECLIPSE

Recent Logs

Bystander's Log #4: Emissary - "The site of the phenomenon is in utter ruin, an ashen wasteland devoid of life. Ever-burning fires of annihilation cast a viridian glow throughout the region. A blight will spread slowly, killing the life around it... There are few that could extinguish them. It would be within my means, but I don't suppose I will be making a return trip. One visit to that arcane interference wasteland was one too many already. That curse will have to be another's burden to dispel..." - Log created on 18:54:07 12/16/2017 by Rachel Alucard, and last modified on 05:12:16 12/22/2017. Cast: Rachel Alucard and Necalli.

Battle of the Gods - Sensing an ancient evil awoken in the world, Terumi goes to pay them a visit. As someone described as the Emissary of the Gods, he felt it was only natural to prove his own divinity as the God of Destruction. Yet what ulterior motives might be behind such an overt show of his strength...? - Log created on 19:44:47 12/14/2017 by Terumi, and last modified on 23:14:47 12/14/2017. Cast: Necalli and Terumi.

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 29) War Gods - Upon the shores of Southtown, two demi-gods of war face down. One embodying the brutal chaos of war, the other a more regal and commanding decider of the necessary wages of blood. But both come after a single target: the Command Gear. For Kotal, it is a bargaining chip, an offering to secure his power and influence over the mortals. For Necalli? She is food to be consumed. And neither can approach without ensuring the other has been suitably subdued. - Log created on 16:25:35 11/20/2017 by Kotal, and last modified on 15:32:12 12/05/2017. Cast: Necalli and Kotal.

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 15) The Snake's Temptation - Shermie is a new face in the endless disasters that is this world. Well, if you can see her face under that hair. The young lady with bangs has come for a simple opportunity: to test the seals upon Orochi, and see if they have been weakened, Or which state they are in at all. Prowling around the mountain, however, is another figure hungry for the wild power that has been unleashed: The dreaded Necalli, the fierce and hungry creature lurking for energy. And with the riot of the blood heavy in the air, Shermie has more than enough energy to share... and more than eager to give Necalli more than he can handle. - Log created on 01:33:21 10/19/2017 by Shermie, and last modified on 17:27:02 11/01/2017. Cast: Shermie and Necalli.

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