Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Weight:98 lbs. (172 in fighting gear)
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Blonde with grey and black striping
Hobbies:Blogging, video games, tooling around Akihabara
Likes:Her own home-built computers, "mature" men
Dislikes:Phishing scams, server downtime, pretty boys
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Let's showdown! ...just kiddin'."

Flighty and capricious, Nagase proves to be difficult to catch! For one, she's a member of the proud and illustrious Iga clan of ninjas, highly skilled in weapon-based combat and the art of ninjutsu. For another, her lithe frame has been augmented by stolen NESTS technology, providing her with capabilities far beyond those of her shadowy clanmates. A promising young ninja of exceptional potential, Nagase's vivid thirst for knowledge and information is augmented in her technological enhancements, most notably in an access drive upon her right wrist -- though that's often concealed beneath her progressive, flashy attire. Despite her short, youthful stature and her impulsive tendencies, she prefers more mature gentlemen and makes no secret of her loathing for "pretty boys" like Alba and Soiree.

Style:Ninja Assassin Arts & Battle Disc System
Signature Move:Trick Spiral -- PHYSICAL THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

Tournament Titles

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] Ninja Training Day - After receiving an invite to the Ultratech American HQ, Nagase gives Kenzo some training in all things ninja-like and offers some critiques on some of the moves he had been working on. Alright! It's a showdown. - Log created on 13:37:24 09/30/2023 by Kenzo, and last modified on 11:38:08 10/04/2023. Cast: Nagase and Kenzo.

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R1 - Target Of Opportunity - Chaos. Panic. Disorder. Most people would call that an emergency. For others, it's just the recipe for a good time. With all of Southtown pushed to their limits trying to deal with the dark stalker attacks, one man has decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to pilfer some of the nicer goodies from a local warehouse. What's a good mass panic for if you can't profit off of it, after all? The fact that this warehouse belongs to the Southtown Syndicate - well, you can only get in trouble if you get caught, right? - Log created on 15:21:18 03/23/2020 by Nagase, and last modified on 21:00:23 03/31/2020. Cast: Nagase and Kano.

Satisfaction - The Syndicate's resident cyberninjutsu expert Nagase encounters a storm of kicks, quips, and violence shaped like a woman tearing through a minor Syndicate business in Sunshine City, leading the KOF 2017 runner-up to test her mettle. - Log created on 13:06:48 01/15/2019 by Chun-Li, and last modified on 09:28:56 01/24/2019. Cast: Nagase and Chun-Li.

Door To Door - Dahlia has gone underground, and Nagase believes she'll be trying to liquidate all of her assets to keep the fledgling Akatsuki afloat. But in the midst of pursuing that lead, the Syndicate kunoichi stumbles across someone with more intimate knowledge of the shadowy crime boss. - Log created on 12:42:32 12/17/2018 by Nagase, and last modified on 11:01:48 12/21/2018. Cast: Nagase and Zach Glenn.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 3 - Waking the Sleeping Dragon - With Sunshine City in chaos, Syndicate assets in the city disrupted. But there are logistical thefts and disruptions outside of Shadaloo, Illuminati, Interpol and Akatsuki even. Following a mysterious message sent to her, Nagase finds herself drawing the attention of a violent agent of stone: The ninja Tremor. And he is a herald of a darker power within Sunshine City: the rise of the Black Dragon Cult itself. - Log created on 20:22:48 10/06/2018 by Tremor, and last modified on 12:59:00 10/10/2018. Cast: Nagase and Tremor.

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