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He goes by the name Mr. Burr. A 33 year old pusher from the mean streets of California, Malcolm Burgess was once just some gangland punk hooked on the Product. Most days, that would have been where the story of him ended, but he got clean. He got skilled, got training. Then he discovered he had a talent: charging things with chi. He used that ability to create his own Product. Now, with a natal drug empire fostered by the next new thing 'Pledge' under his belt, the smooth businessman with the sword in his cane looks to expand his market through the most underhanded means necessary. He eschews societal norms at large, and no matter how gentlemanly his demeanor is, some folks see the inner madness in him, the will to unfetter the repressed everyman, and make everything a little.. stranger.

Style:Bartitsu, mixed with Iaijutsu and street brawling
Signature Move:Destruction Derby -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

Finding The Violet Flame - Mr. Burr seeks out Iori to give him a message. It goes better than you'd think. - Log created on 21:13:27 06/11/2022 by Iori, and last modified on 23:11:13 06/11/2022. Cast: Iori and Mr.Burr.

Mr.Burr and Ambrosia meeting. - Ambrosia and Mr.Burr meets. Ambrosia is not sure why, but isn't worried. - Log created on 18:50:00 06/04/2022 by Ambrosia, and last modified on 21:18:26 06/04/2022. Cast: Mr.Burr and Ambrosia.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Echo vs Mr.Burr - Echo joins Mr.Burr for some hot and heavy ballroom dancing--to the death! Only in Round 2 of the Rising Star Tournament 2022! - Log created on 17:54:44 05/13/2022 by Echo, and last modified on 23:19:12 05/13/2022. Cast: Mr.Burr and Echo.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Checked Baggage - Franco's has a strong emotional involvement with the gang war unfolding, and wants to do whatever he can to head off of it. But, as a mechanic at the Southtown International Airport, he finds that the war has already poured into his lap, when he runs afoul of some smuggling operations at the airport. Franco finds some strange packages amongst the airplane mechanisms, a dangerous and subtle place to stowaway the goods. Worse for Franco, the plane had -landed- with the goods, and Mr. Burr arrives to collect his packages. - Log created on 20:20:16 07/06/2018 by Franco, and last modified on 18:57:55 07/07/2018. Cast: Franco and Mr.Burr.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - You Only Live Twice - After the mess surrounding King of Fighters, foreign powers have generally tried to avoid Japan. But when word goes around that psionically-gifted teenagers are being targeted around the world, Max Evory was put on alert. As he puts two and two together, Max realizes that the psychic nephew of a British diplomat is likely to be the next kidnapping target! The clock is ticking, and if Max doesn't act quick, Shadaloo agents will claim themselves another test subject in the V Project! - Log created on 17:28:00 07/03/2018 by Max, and last modified on 20:07:47 07/09/2018. Cast: Mr.Burr and Max.

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