Full Name:Moondyne Mouse
Faction:"R" Organization
Weight:170-ish lbs
Blood Type:N/A
Nationality:French Robot Mouse
Eye Color:Red-Brown
Hair Color:Light Blue
Date of Birth:Unknown
Hobbies:Robotics, Building Devices, Studying Human Emotions, Remote Code Execution
Personal Treasures:Memories of Creators
Favorite Food:Chocolate & Silicone Chips
Likes:Mad Science Experiments, Stealing Stuff, Breaking Things, Getting into Trouble
Dislikes:Hypocrits, Bullies, Cats
Best Sport:Street Dancing
Love Interests:TBA
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"You couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions."

A highly advanced humanoid robot crafted into the shape of an anthropomorphic mouse. A synthetic life-form cast in the shadow of man's image, imbued with thought and emotions. Gifted with sentience but without love, without friendship. Created by a roboticist team as part of a new project under NESTS' engineer core, an entire squad of advanced humanoid robots were produced of which Moondyne was one. The doctors were on a different track than their masters, seeking more altruistic goals of creating commercially viable and friendly robot pals for humanity to one day work alongside. However the powers at be at NESTS had more devious, illicit ideas. Moondyne herself was used as a guinea pig for inhuman experiments involving weapons testing as well as reprogramming, integrating a hard-light hologram system along with HitBit tech and mind-altering devices to pilfer her opponents techniques. Reborn as an aggressive, playful trickster, light and intellect are her weapons. Yet... deep within her frame smolder the memories of happier times and a gentler spirit. Things man nor machine are able to extinguish.

Style:Holograms & Ninjitsu
Signature Move:Undying Trickster -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

[SNF 2022.10] TMC: "THE RAT'S IN THE WALLS" - Wandering through the haunted castle and into a chapel, Chanel is guided by a small, compelling black cat down a passageway hidden near the altar. While one might expect to find a crypt in such an old castle, it actually leads to a medieval torture chamber. While perhaps a quaint backdrop for Chanel under different circumstances--she is not alone down there. The whip-wielding model is about to disturb a malevolent and mischievous entity--the meece with the most! - Log created on 12:08:38 10/26/2022 by Moondyne, and last modified on 07:20:08 10/28/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Chanel.

Bad Influences - Moondyne Mouse comes across Ramlethal 'borrowing' something from a store. The two synthetic beings have discourse over purpose, existentialism and shoes. - Log created on 22:15:31 09/13/2022 by Moondyne, and last modified on 19:36:34 09/14/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Ramlethal.

You Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best - Moondyne Mouse has had a hard life, going from villain org to villain org. Working hard under deadlines, transferring from one dead end research lab to the next. It was time for the rat race to end; and thanks to a fresh new marketing sample of R Security, the Mouse can finally leave the House with a once in a life time opportunity. - Log created on 17:32:06 06/06/2022 by Rugal, and last modified on 15:35:13 06/15/2022. Cast: Rugal and Moondyne.

[Dead Or Alive] The Vahana and the Parasite - Moondyne Mouse runs into Aeria Corday in India while snooping around in DoATech's activities. The mouse runs into a startling secret about the young psychic. - Log created on 18:43:26 01/22/2022 by Moondyne, and last modified on 23:58:36 03/09/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Aeria Corday.

[SNF 2021.12] SNF: ACTION FIGURE UPRISING - With the help of his reindeer assistant, Santa Claws has nearly finished packing his sleigh for the big night! There's just one problem: two of the action figures have come to life and decided that it's time Santa got the sack... literally! Battling it out in the workshop above the big red bag, the winners will be free to spend Christmas as they choose, while the losers will be stuck in a prison of dyed canvas! We've overheard Rudolph and Santa discussing their reluctance to end up imprisoned again, so the fighting is sure to be ferocious! - Log created on 21:08:02 12/11/2021 by Choi, and last modified on 23:23:44 01/12/2022. Cast: Choi, Raiden, Moondyne, Merrick, and Chang.

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Initial armor prototype design... not entirely successful.

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Raider Painspike Armor?

Offroading. Art by Meowhead.

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