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Game:Killer Instinct
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"Have you confessed your sins?"

How the heroic have fallen. Mira had long fought along her twin sister, Maya, within the ranks of the Night Hunters. Acting as one of the vanguards against the ravages of Darkstalkers, she had met her end during one such expedition. Tracking down a cabal of vampires within Russia, the mission ended in disaster. In order to save Maya, she collapsed the crypt upon herself to stop the vampires from killing her. Her story would not end on her sacrifice, unfortunately. Her body was dug up by the very vampires she was fighting, and she was unceremoniously revived as a vampire. Corrupted into the darkness, she now revels in the monstrous power of undeath, and serves as the favored lieutenant of an ancient vampire lord known only as the 'True Tsar.'

Style:Vampirism + Monster Hunter
Signature Move:Embrace -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

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