Full Name:Miki Murakami
Faction:Full Moon Society
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Personal Treasures:Friends
Favorite Food:Raw Meat
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"No one ever says 'the means justify the ends'. I wonder why."

Ever since her soul got bound with that of a tiger spirit, Miki has been three people: One is Miki - a Seijyun student who has given up on her dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master, one who keeps her mouth shut most of the time these days. The second is Tiger Mask, a heroic girl wearing a white tiger mask who beats up bad guys and helps the innocent, and claims to be hunting down the terrible Black Tiger Mask who is a disgrace to the Tiger clan, fighting evil with Karate and the tiger spirit that lives inside her - literally, it claws at people and stuff. The third is Black Tiger Mask, a villainous girl wearing a black tiger mask, who beats up anyone at all using a suspiciously identical fighting style to Tiger Mask. Which one of these is closest to the true Miki? It's hard to say.

Style:Tiger-Possessed Kung Fu
Signature Move:Savage Grace -- ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:COUNTER -- REVERSAL

Recent Logs

So Confuse! - Duo Lon makes a miscalculation and ends up having to chase a target. He runs into Tiger Mask! In the end, Duo Lon ends up waiting for a better opportunity, and Tiger Mask ends up offering some tips and buying him tea. ...Wait a minute, who's the bad guy again...? - Log created on 23:55:22 02/21/2015 by Duo Lon, and last modified on 08:50:56 02/22/2015. Cast: Duo Lon and Miki.

The Vixen and Tiger Mask - Tiger Mask meets up with Kiyomi in the Full Moon Society's secret village. Tiger Mask attempts to befriend the kitsune, though she finds that Lady Renard doesn't make friends with humans so easily... - Log created on 10:53:12 02/18/2015 by Kiyomi, and last modified on 21:32:06 02/18/2015. Cast: Miki and Kiyomi.

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law - Miki takes Jira to a secluded location to try to learn a few things from her, but through talking she becomes more worried that Akabara's relationship with Jira might be abusive, so she talks to him about that. - Log created on 19:20:47 02/17/2015 by Miki, and last modified on 04:58:00 02/19/2015. Cast: Jira and Miki.

Bastion Village Firemaking/Heroism Class - Tiger Mask comes comes dramatically to Bastion Village, to give Nightwolf important information he already knows! Then they argue about ethics and morality forever, before finally settling onto practical matters! Exclamation points! - Log created on 18:41:44 02/16/2015 by Miki, and last modified on 01:12:27 02/17/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Miki.

Amidst the Darkness of the Metro - A string of deaths occurs in Metro City, and Walter and Miki track down the cause! Soon, discussion is to be had. - Log created on 21:49:33 02/15/2015 by Walter, and last modified on 09:48:25 02/16/2015. Cast: Miki and Walter.

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