Full Name:Miguel Caballero Rojo
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Miguel hates to be under the power of others. At a young age, he ran away from home to live on his own, free from the burdens of strict parents and schooling. Unhindred by discipline, Miguel was a fiesty child, starting fights wherever he pleased. The only family that he still kept in touch with was his kind-hearted sister Maria who would often come visit him in secret. She eventually confided in him that she was to be married. The news at first enraged Miguel; who would dare take his precious sister away? He even plotted to kill her fiance in a twisted show of protection and love. Knowing that it would break his sister's heart, he decided against it, instead deciding to watch the outdoors marriage from another building. The beautiful sight was interrupted when planes flew overhead, unleashing a cargo of fiery death upon the church and much of the block that it stood on. Miguel could hardly believe it; things were going so perfectly! Rushing to the wreckage, he dug through the embers and burnt concrete in search of his dear sister. By the time he found her, she was already dead, her wedding dress marred by blood and ash. At that point, Miguel swore vengeance, that he would not stop until he found the ones responsible for this travesty. His rage and incredible strength have proven more useful than any tact, leaving behind brutally-injured guards and informants with little more than a single punch. His tenacity has paid off: he's finally found a tip that the Mishima Zaibatsu might have the information that he desires...

Style:Manly Brawling
Signature Move:Burla -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] B5 Qualifier Match: Heirs To Legends vs Team Miggy - At the elegant and gorgeous Theatro Municipal Opera House in Rio de Janerio, the Heir To Legends will face off against Team Miggy Mew Mew. Honoka is teaming up for the first time with Zach Glenn and Nakoruru, both fresh faces in the King Of Fighters. Against them, is junk girl Sylvie Paula Paula and the infamous Caballero Rojo, a brutal returning face in the KOF. Bringing a brutality to the opera scene, both sides will need to balance performance against function, as they strike out for the coveted 5th Bracket position, for the King of Fighters. - Log created on 14:11:07 08/06/2017 by Sylvie, and last modified on 13:02:47 08/14/2017. Cast: Honoka, Zach Glenn, Miguel, Nakoruru, and Sylvie.

[KOF 2017] Sylvie does SAL SAGEV - Sylvie Paula Paula finds a friend! Literately! Who knew you can just find one! Miguel and Sylvie are on the road to KOF! - Log created on 16:15:19 07/30/2017 by Sylvie, and last modified on 19:47:45 07/30/2017. Cast: Miguel and Sylvie.

[SNF 2017.06] SNF: Fallout N-Gage-Us: A "Rad" Battle!? - In promotion of Violet Systems' new V-Gage and the (latest) remake of Fallout New Vegas, the company hosts a fight between the portly fighter Robert "Bob" Richards and the dashing brawler, Miguel Caballero Rojo! Who will conquer the wastes? More importantly, did they ever fix that lag issue? - Log created on 14:41:00 06/20/2017 by Bob, and last modified on 22:10:23 06/21/2017. Cast: Miguel and Bob.

Operation Miguel - Felicia goes to Miguel's Secret Hobo Lair beneath Tokyo to convince him to come back to Lee with her. - Log created on 18:09:02 06/15/2017 by Felicia, and last modified on 20:55:11 06/15/2017. Cast: Miguel and Felicia.

[SNF 2017.06] ICP Fight Fest: Down The River Burden - Of course, not far away from the corporate BBQ, by the Southtown River sits stagnant. If someone wanted to, in theory, drive up with a young man and his fugitive uncle and prison buddy to the BBQ, ambush him, and punch him in the face until he falls comes apart at the seams? Well, that's the way they would go. Fortunately, there is just enough drugged out homeless there for a different kind of help. The kind of help that Mr. Burr can provideā€¦ while covering the flanks of a corporate BBQ. You go ahead and teach that young man some proper manners, would you? - Log created on 19:36:41 06/06/2017 by Miguel, and last modified on 13:02:26 06/13/2017. Cast: Miguel and Mr.Burr.

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