Faction:Southtown Syndicate
Weight:175 lbs.
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
OOC Data
Game:Art of Fighting
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Mickey Rogers had all the markings of an underdog-makes-good story: a youth spent in poverty, pulling himself up by his own determination and grit to become a man talented enough to win the World's Boxing Championship. But following the accidental death of one his opponents in the ring, all of that potential was dashed and forgotten. Now a shell of the man he once was, Mickey spends his days wallowing in remorse and regret, and earning a living as an enforcer thug for Geese Howard. A light heavyweight, Mickey's style is more about technique rather than punching power; his footwork and handspeed are superior to his raw strength. He still trains as if he were a pro, and can often be found skipping rope or hitting the speed bag -- that is, when he is not drinking or generally feeling sorry for himself. As an enforcer, Mickey is often called upon to intimidate or rough people up, using both his stature and well-educated fists, not to mention his ability to channel chi into his punches. In a fight, Mickey typically sticks to his boxing training, though he is not afraid to throw a headbutt or rabbit punch in there if the situation warrants it. Mickey has enough skill and talent to get back on the pro boxing circuit, and make a run at the title, but he remains haunted by the memories of the man he killed, and has never forgiven himself -- and probably never will.

Signature Move:Burning Upper -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

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