Full Name:Michelle Chang
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Eye Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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Michelle Chang is currently on the lam. She holds--or rather held a great treasure upon her person from her tribe's history that drew the attention of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Despite the organization's outward appearance as a peace-oriented company, they kidnapped Michelle to get their hands on it. She escaped, however, and has spent her days in hiding, not even letting her adopted daughter Julia know of her whereabouts. The grudge that she harbors toward the Mishima family goes beyond the simple abduction. Her father was killed by Heihachi's men when she was eighteen, but she'd also learned that her mother was being held captive as well. One day, she will confront Heihachi and free what's left of her blood relations.

Style:Xing Yi Quan
Signature Move:Tequila Sunrise -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

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