Full Name: Megumi Andou
Game: Original Character
Faction: Gedo High
Team: Finishing Three
Profile: Megumi moved to Southtown well after the initial Justice High incident, but has been involved with several troubling situations despite that. After a period of 'personality rollercoastering' due to various instances, Megumi is starting to settle back into a general tendency of being casual and friendly towards most people, as well as trying to be kind to those who need help. She's begun to place a strong, conscious effort on being more sociable and trying new things, insisting that she is tired of shutting herself away from others. Along with seeking out new friends, Megumi is also working on cultivating a celebrity image. She fights using a mix of high speed, a flashy offense that mixes grappling skills with energy techniques, and a traditional Aikido defense. Previously disinterested in the problems of the world at large, Megumi has been repeatedly exposed to several facets of the 'criminal underworld' in the last few years. These facets include things such as helping Cammy break away from Shadaloo, and Megumi was effectively controlled by Vice and Mature during much of the King of Fighters 2005 tournament. Due to events like these, Megumi has developed a hatred of cruel people and often tries to oppose them when opportunity permits.
Style: Aikido plus Psycho Power
Signature Move: Exceed Charge -- ENERGY

OOC Data

VoiceActor: Venus Terzo (See Misc)
ThemeSong: "People With no Name" and "Justi-Faiz" - both by Rider Chips
Misc: Venus Terzo plays female-type Ranma in Ranma 1/2; a good match for Megumi's vocal tone and personality.

Also, Acacia did a neat step-by-step sketch of Megumi's MAX:

Thanks to Kobun for image-hosting.


Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: ??
BloodType: ??
Nationality: Japan
Hometown: ??
EyeColor: Green
HairColor: Pink
Wins: 22 Losses: 23 Ties: 7
Neo League Points/Fights: 8.7/6

Fight History

Win First Tourney [Lower:R1B1] Megumi vs Jason Jan 10, 2004
Tie First Tourney [Lower:R2B1] Megumi vs Guy Jan 17, 2004
Loss First Tourney [Lower:R3B1] Tag Match Jan 25, 2004
Win First Tourney [Lower:R2B2] Sei vs Megumi Jan 31, 2004
Loss First Tourney [Lower:R3B2] Megumi vs Rock Feb 11, 2004
Loss PPV Chaos Tag Match Jun 17, 2004
Win Master Championship [R1] Malin vs Megumi Sep 14, 2004
Loss Schools Tourney [T1R1] Daigo vs Megumi Nov 27, 2004
Loss SNF 2004.12 Two on Three Battle Dec 04, 2004
Win SNF 2005.01 Bigass FFA Jan 01, 2005
Win Strolheim [R1] Team Balrog vs Team Guy Jan 13, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.01 Ken vs Megumi and Sakura Jan 22, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.01 Ryu vs Jinmu and Megumi Jan 29, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.02 Tony and Jacob vs Megumi Feb 12, 2005
Win SNF 2005.02 Sakura vs Megumi Feb 19, 2005
Win Strolheim [R4] Team Guy vs Team Chun-Li Feb 23, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.03 Megumi vs Daisuke Mar 12, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.04 Megumi vs Sakura vs Freeman Apr 02, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.04 Leona+Ryuji vs Megumi+Yashiro Apr 09, 2005
Win SNF 2005.04 Yashiro+Shenwoo vs Rock+Megumi Apr 23, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.05 Vice vs Megumi May 07, 2005
Win KOF 2005 [R1] Evil vs New Face Jun 01, 2005
Loss KOF 2005 [R2] Evil vs Ikari Jun 07, 2005
Win SNF 2005.06 Megumi vs Ramon Jun 11, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.06 Megumi vs Shingo Jun 18, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.06 Heavy D! vs Megumi Jun 25, 2005
Win SNF 2005.07 Megumi vs Jihads and Stray Dog Jul 02, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.07 Foxy/Angel vs Sakura/Megumi Jul 09, 2005
Win SNF 2005.07 Cammy/Gen vs Ryu/Megumi Jul 16, 2005
Win SNF 2005.07 Sakura vs Megumi Jul 30, 2005
Win SNF 2005.08 Megumi/Shingo vs Karin/Sakura Aug 06, 2005
Win SNF 2005.08 Megumi vs DeeJay Aug 28, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.09 Beachfront Battle! Sep 10, 2005
Win SNF 2005.09 Megumi/Mai vs Eagle/K9999 Sep 17, 2005
Win SNF 2005.09 Megumi vs Shingo Turbo EX Plus Sep 24, 2005
Tie SNF 2005.10 Two on Three Team Match Oct 08, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.10 Megumi vs Sakura Oct 15, 2005
Win SNF 2005.10 Megumi vs Mimiru/Alma/Naerose Oct 22, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.10 Bao & Megumi vs Chun-Li Oct 29, 2005
Loss SNF 2005.11 4-Way Free-for-all Nov 19, 2005
Loss Neo League 026 #37: Kula vs Megumi Dec 05, 2005
Win Neo League 051 #52: Juli vs Megumi Dec 13, 2005
Win Neo League 151 #151: Kensou vs Megumi Jan 20, 2006
Win Neo League 251 #251: Megumi vs Yuri Apr 27, 2006
Win Neo League 251 #257: Frei vs Megumi May 31, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.07 The Arena! Shenwoo vs Megumi Jul 08, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.07 Mt.Tai! Kain vs Megumi/Kensou Jul 14, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.07 Snowcones While You Wait Jul 29, 2006
Tie SNF 2006.09 Rolento vs Mary, Sie vs Megumi Sep 23, 2006
Loss SNF 2006.12 Hinako and Megumi vs Geese Dec 30, 2006
Loss SNF 2007.01 Zangief/Hinako vs Megumi/Talia Jan 21, 2007
Loss World Warrior 2007 [R1] Megumi vs Adelheid Mar 19, 2007