Height:6'7" / 204 cm
Weight:483 lbs / 219 kg
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:March 2
Hobbies:Motorcycle touring
Personal Treasures:His sideburns
Favorite Food:Any kind of sweets
Dislikes:Fermented soybeans. Indecisive people.
Best Sport:Rugby
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Katsuyuki Konishi
Theme Song:Sabaton - Metal Machine


"By my reckoning, you'll need 3 months to heal. Godspeed."

A man with perhaps the most peculiar abilities on the tournament circle, the tremendous Canadian who calls himself only 'Maxima' is likewise the only person really linked with the enigmatic 'Beast of Fire', K'. Having appeared at the same time as the ice-hearted K', Maxima's powers, centered around what is either some sort of cybernetic battlesuit or his own partially machine body, are equally as mysterious as his partner's.. Immense in size and very strong, Maxima also seems to be able to somehow analyze all of an opponent's abilities and estimate their techniques before a fight even begins. Pairs with K' often in team-based competitions, Maxima's motives are likewise just as unknown. Far more personable than the oft-quiet K', Maxima is respected as a level-headed, fair fighter, regardless of the questionable source of his abilities.

Signature Move:M4 Model Vapour Cannon -- PHYSICAL ENERGY

NOL Bounty Data

Class: BBounty: $67,500.00
WANTED ALIVE Known augmented human with direct ties to the NESTS Cartel. Capture and detain for debriefing and incarceration.

Recent Logs

[SNF 2020.4] SNF - Combo #5 - The Spangles Fast Food Restaurant chain has been abandoned for a long time now. City officials claim that this particular one is standing in the way of progress. Thus, the 69th Location has been zoned off for demolition! Enter Kongou. Enter Maxima. Two of the Fighting Circuits most destructive competitors will be doing the city a favor by taking down the Spangles Restaurant... with each other. - Log created on 17:39:51 05/05/2020 by Maxima, and last modified on 21:43:25 05/05/2020. Cast: Maxima and Kongou.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Heavy Metal Burnin' - King of Fighters is in full swing as two teams clash. While Heavy Metal Burning is ready for a battle they are not ready for the surprise of one opponent this qualifying round. - Log created on 18:07:53 06/08/2019 by Maxima, and last modified on 12:22:19 06/17/2019. Cast: Maxima, K', Demitri, and Aurora.

[SNF 2019.05] Red Hot American Nightmare - Abigail has a King of Fighters team, business is booming for him, and he is an international fighting star. For him, everything is up. Imagine his surprise when a massive metal man comes ride up on a motorcycle. The Iron Canadian arrived busted and broken,holding a mysterious package. Maxima is in bad need of repair, and has very good reason to suspect trouble in the King of Fighters tournament Abigail was part of. He is willing to help Abigail, if ABigail helps him. - Log created on 17:43:46 05/27/2019 by Maxima, and last modified on 20:04:23 05/27/2019. Cast: Maxima and Abigail.

NESTs Mission : capturing the fugitive - The NESTs cartel has managed to locate one of its fugitive : the cyborg Maxima. They sent a dozens of soldiers, along with one of their super soldier, Eve, to try and retrieve him. - Log created on 10:10:30 01/07/2019 by Eve, and last modified on 12:55:10 01/09/2019. Cast: Maxima and Eve.

[SNF 2018.09] SNF: Streets Of Rage - Cody vs Maxima - Cody Masters has been one of the forces of nature in Metro City, hanging with the strongest that the city has to offer. But the pool of fighters have gotten repetitive, so it's time for SNF to bring in new blood. Slamming down in Cody's home turf, the metallic Maxima must face-off against the brawler out in Metro Square. Maxima is a seasoned fighter, always being in the forefront of the world fighting scene. But can he handle the Metro City lifestyle? (Winner: Draw) - Log created on 20:40:14 09/29/2018 by Maxima, and last modified on 09:24:09 09/30/2018. Cast: Maxima and Cody.

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