Full Name:Maximilian Evory
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Daniel Craig
Theme Song:"You Know My Name" - Chris Cornell


"That last hand nearly killed me."

Max Evory is a suave, sophisticated businessman on the surface, always dapper whether in a finely tailored suit or a swimsuit on the beaches of the tropics. Under that, however, Max is an MI6 operative, recently cleared to field status after reaching the rank of Commander in the British Navy. An orphan after his childhood was destroyed by Vega, he found order in British boarding schools, the military, and now MI6. Damaged, loyal to a fault, and willing to kill at the drop of the hat, Her Majesty is all he has. As a spy in MI6, he travels the world hunting down threats to the British Crown, using assassin training, parkour, and his trusty Walther. He still has all the trappings of his wealthy childhood. A penchant for high stakes gambling and expensive cars, a taste for fine food and liquor, and of course an attraction to dangerous females.

Style:MI6 Assassin Training
Signature Move:You Know My Name -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:SECOND_WIND -- RALLY

Recent Logs

Hunting Moonlight - Agent Max Evory tracks the Kitsune Queen to the suburbs of London, only to find a scene of gristly carnage. - Log created on 13:02:49 11/26/2018 by Max, and last modified on 13:26:23 11/29/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Max.

Angels Behind the Skies - When a British laboratory project working on the classification of Darkstalker genomes goes flatline from a preternatural murder, Max Evory is called in by MI-5, to stalk the killer to her home in London. He descends into the den of the wicked woman, his only weapon a poker chip and a cigar. Kiyomi is his prey, but is he the man on the horse, or the hound she's intent on tracking into the henhouse? - Log created on 19:48:33 10/30/2018 by Max, and last modified on 22:48:20 10/30/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Max.

TBT Act 3 - Snooping Unusual - At the twilight of the gang war, daring spy Max Evory has successfully infiltrated the Syndicate's computer network. With the assistance of MI-6 hacking support, Max snaps British Intelligence into Southtown Syndicate's servers, attempting to hold his position long enough to download a full dossier of SouthSynd's illicit activities. British Intelligence, of course, has nefarious aims, not necessarily seeking the end of Southtown Syndicate, merely using the crime organization for their own international trade needs. But Max will suddenly find himself trapped in the machinations of an outside player who is more than willing to leave a parting gift for her Syndicate enemies. - Log created on 09:24:24 10/17/2018 by Honoka, and last modified on 17:50:34 10/17/2018. Cast: Honoka and Max.

TBT Act 2 - Double Blind - With the evacuation and rescue of the British diplomat's nephew, Max Evory is positioned to infiltrate Shadaloo operations within Southtown. Posing as a mercenary recruit, he finds himself sent to a brothel in Chinatown, with orders to dispatch Syndicate officers enjoying themselves. While executing criminals may sit within the scope of both the English and Shadaloo, the operation goes upside-down when the madame of the house reveals more monstrous seasoning amongst her women. Instead of fighting half-naked lieutenants, Max finds himself the lone survivor when the ladies of the night tear apart the Shadaloo agents... and he has to find his way to report to both his Shadaloo and British operatives, before the creatures of the night find him. - Log created on 19:33:42 08/01/2018 by Munin, and last modified on 20:49:49 08/03/2018. Cast: Munin and Max.

TBT Act 1 - You Only Live Twice - After the mess surrounding King of Fighters, foreign powers have generally tried to avoid Japan. But when word goes around that psionically-gifted teenagers are being targeted around the world, Max Evory was put on alert. As he puts two and two together, Max realizes that the psychic nephew of a British diplomat is likely to be the next kidnapping target! The clock is ticking, and if Max doesn't act quick, Shadaloo agents will claim themselves another test subject in the V Project! - Log created on 17:28:00 07/03/2018 by Max, and last modified on 20:07:47 07/09/2018. Cast: Mr.Burr and Max.

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