Full Name:Masaru? The Butcher?
Weight:179 lbs
Blood Type:O-
Hometown:Hokkaido, Japan
Eye Color:Brown (Purple)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Humans, monsters, spirits... everything in this world is nothing but the food chain, and I aim to be on top!"

Born of the least stock within the demon world of Makai, the entity that humanity would call the Butcher survived a mere parasite, eventually slipping between the cracks to feed on humanity centuries ago. With a damaged soul constantly leaking energy, he went between feeding and torpor until modern day. Yet modern humanity sealed him within an Aketsuchi martyr, where he languished in a sea of trapped souls before overcoming the host, a noble human named Masaru Akahouki. Trapped and stagnated, he finally utilized an ancient dagger from Castle Alucard to resolve his tempetuous inner turmoil -- each soul devoured the other, until only one remained, blended and in control. Content to call themselves Masaru now, the Butcher regained his prior power... and the old sea of monsters still exists within him, coagulated into a brutal, fierce beast bound with his soul. Having retained the Ametsuchi grappling arts and blended it with both violence and the ability to manifest, or even transform, with the hybrid inside, he now seeks to establish a world of might makes right, and everyone beneath him is prey.

Style:Ametsuchi Grappling + Monstrous Manifestation
Signature Move:Shallow Grave -- THROW
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

NOL Bounty Data

Masaru? The Butcher? AKA: The Butcher
Class: BBounty: $140,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Dangerous Darkstalker with confirmed violence against humans and suspected involvement with drawing monstrous Darkstalkers into population centers.

Recent Logs

[Dead or Alive] The Janus Project - Impact to the Oppressed (Pt 1) - The Darkstalker disappearances have contributed to noticeable unrest around the less-than-human community. Already, massive protests have started to rally around the so-called treatment centers surrounding Ultratech's lauded new reversal treatment for Darkstalkers. With the appearance of Fatal Core being subjected to a corporate military blockade right now, the JANUS facilities seem to be the only way to gain access to the powerful flying engineering station. Unfortunately, the protest outside is much more violent than most, sweeping up even unrelated people and causing the facility to go into lockdown. Now, it's up to a choice few to find the hand that seems to drive these beasts to ever escalating heights of rage before they tear the building down brick by brick. - Log created on 15:18:19 04/15/2022 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 10:23:34 05/06/2022. Cast: Masaru, Velvet Blue, and Aeria Corday.

[SNF 2021.07] MC: TERROR FROM THE DEEP - After reports of a seemingly aquatic Darkstalker assaulting the Sandy Cove resort, both enterprising fisherman Banyu and NOL soldier Katsuro respond; which is precisely what the monstrous fighter hoped for! How many tentacles is TOO many tentacles?! - Log created on 15:46:15 07/02/2021 by Masaru, and last modified on 17:18:32 07/07/2021. Cast: Masaru, Banyu, and Katsuro.

[Springtide Rosalia 2021] Rosalia #19) Monkey Wrench in the Works - Having come to the festivities with the intent of finding an enchanted blade that could eliminate all but one soul from control in his body, Makai is confronted by Valkenhayn; conflict is inevitable, but the key to Makai's own rebirth may have been this violent encounter in the first place... - Log created on 21:31:08 05/31/2021 by Masaru, and last modified on 16:54:27 06/17/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Masaru.

Maple Syrup - Tsinghua returns from yet another meeting, only to find himself prey at Ichika, the Kamaitachi that had shown up on the southtown news prior- The boy is forced to defend himself, and Velvet Blue eventually needs to clean up the situation. - Log created on 16:36:54 05/10/2021 by Tsinghua, and last modified on 20:36:14 05/12/2021. Cast: Masaru, Velvet Blue, and Tsinghua.

Eat or Be Eaten - Patrolling Southtown as rogue Gears and roving Darkstalkers plague the countryside, the guardian demon of Meigan Jinja finds herself facing off against a power far more dangerous than he initially appeared. - Log created on 16:21:23 01/02/2018 by Riki, and last modified on 00:52:50 01/03/2018. Cast: Riki and Masaru.

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