Full Name:Masaaki Himura
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Southtown (To his eternal misery)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:December 8th
Hobbies:Karaoke, Videogames, Fighting, Bowling
Personal Treasures:His Katana 'Sunburst'
Favorite Food:Steak
Likes:80s Rock, Honor, Fighting
Dislikes:Dishonorable Behaviour, People more evil than himself, Boredom, Southtown
Best Sport:Baseball
Love Interests:None
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Put in your best effort, but don't expect me to go down easily."

Masaaki Himura fought the odds, forging himself into a tough and determined individual. His personal, heavily improvisation style combines various martial arts and dirty tricks. This Yakuza member from Southtown collects debts, intimidates people, and "solves problems". Masaaki routinely goes out of his way to keep his encounters non-lethal due to a comparatively honorable attitude. Said attitude often draws him into action when he finds trouble completely unrelated to his work, whether during his time off or otherwise.

Style:Improvised Street Fighting + Iaijutsu
Signature Move:Dragon Kick -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

[Neo League 0099] NL0099 NL Quarter-Finals: Aranha vs Masaaki - Aranha and Masaaki are brought to an overpass in Southtown for Neo League Quarterfinals to determine who moves on and who gets to watch the rest of the tournament at home. Masaaki is the crowd favorite due to being born in Japan. While Aranha is decidely not. (Winner: Aranha) - Log created on 17:56:58 09/14/2018 by Aranha, and last modified on 13:05:32 09/15/2018. Cast: Aranha and Masaaki.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 2 - All Roads Lead To Darkness - Masaaki has come to a startling revelation: the Syndicate is using darkstalkers to foment chaos in Southtown! Innocent people could get hurt left and right if this activity becomes widespread. Masaaki recalls hearing about the new Dragon's Den Casino on television, and heads over there to see if there's any connection between the darkstalkers advertised there and the ones he'd run into previously. He might not like what he finds out though...! - Log created on 15:35:14 08/21/2018 by Noboru, and last modified on 08:56:32 08/22/2018. Cast: Noboru and Masaaki.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 1 - Out of Syndication - With the Syndicate offense cutting through the Akatsuki's defenses, there are very few points of resistance from the Yakuza gang, per Dahlia's schemes. But there are other gangs with a vested interest in the Syndicate going away. Masaaki, the streetwise enforcer, has already stood up to the Syndicate once before, and cuts to the very heart of the Syndicate. Coming to one of the harbor warehouses of the Syndicate, Masaaki moves to break apart a recent shipment from the Syndicate. But should he manage to beat up the warehouse guards, he may discover a terrifying new weapon in the Gang War. - Log created on 16:02:07 07/10/2018 by Lotus, and last modified on 19:53:40 07/10/2018. Cast: Lotus and Masaaki.

[The Bell Tolls] TBT Act 0 - Order On The Streets - The Southtown Syndicate are making their rounds in Southtown, pulling people out of booths and out on the streets, looking for signs of membership with the Akatsuki. And those who qualify? Are killed out in the open. With the attacks taking place in daylight, and striking out against even innocent civilians, it's more than Masaaki can take, as he makes a stand against the gangsters. - Log created on 18:26:55 06/15/2018 by Duke, and last modified on 12:44:06 07/01/2018. Cast: Duke and Masaaki.

[Neo League 0099] NL#0112: Masaaki vs Rochelle - Neo-League: Masaaki vs. Rochelle. Rochelle and Masaaki meet in battle for the second time, off the streets of Southtown, and in the harsh, cruel world of clowns. - Log created on 11:52:05 06/11/2018 by Rochelle, and last modified on 12:00:28 06/12/2018. Cast: Rochelle and Masaaki.

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