Full Name:Marise Koga
Height:5ft 10in
Blood Type:AB+
Hometown:Koga, Japan
Eye Color:Gold
Hair Color:Black
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Game:Original Character
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Heiress of the forbidden Koga Ninjitsu, an evil from the past returned to the present to rebuild her former glory. The 'Devil of Koga' is a shadow of what she was, but rebuilding her strength one victim at a time. Devouring the chi of powerful fighters to slowly rejuvenate herself, she has hatched several schemes to infiltrate fighting circuits throughout the fighting mecca of Southtown. Taking the fighting moniker of 'Marise Satsuko', she spares no opportunity to sample the strength of great warriors. A sexy and sinister heel in the fighting circuits, using wicked techniques even the jaded World Warriors find bizarre. Shifting her shape in odd ways and drawing blood from her competitor's bodies through touch alone. However, while Satsuko does the grim work of harvesting fresh blood; none suspect the cheery and sunny flower-shop owner 'Chisa Koraku', who always has an ear for local gossip and making new friends...

Style:Koga-Ryu Ninjitsu
Signature Move:Maou Tsuke -- THROW
Signature Ability:< Unrecorded >

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