Full Name:Marilda Barbat
Height:170 cm
Weight:You dare!?
Blood Type:The world may never know.
Eye Color:Pale Yellow
Hair Color:Black
Hobbies:Playing Cithara
Personal Treasures:A picture hidden away, her cithara.
Favorite Food:Company
Likes:Maybe if she knows you better
Dislikes:Lack of punctuality(or punctuation), dragging conversations, her sunscreen wearing off.
Best Sport:Archery, competitive sewing
Love Interests:Any that would gladly die in a fire for her~
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Inoue Marina
Theme Song:Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia: Sorrow's Distortion.


"Maybe when you've felt loss and tragedy will you understand."

An honest, but sometimes distant woman with unhealthfully pale skin, dark brown hair and haunting yellow irises. Driven by something in her past that weighs heavily on her mind, she is most often found still or alone, listening to the world pass by. More than a few people that visit her end up leaving a little less energetic than when they arrived. She carries a cithara with her, a type of Greek lyre known for its lonely and haunting melodies.

Style:Vampiric Fighting Style, with Pyromantic Cithara
Signature Move:Arpeggiated Thaumaturge -- ENERGY PROJECTILE

Recent Logs

Bat and Dragon II - Another chance meeting between the priest and widow happens. Though, the meeting in a bar happens later in the story. - Log created on 11:56:50 02/17/2015 by Marilda, and last modified on 21:34:41 02/17/2015. Cast: Marilda and Walter.

Bat and Dragon - A vampire and a priest walk into a bar.. there's probably a punchline for that title, but this episode of Darkstalkers is not that punchline! - Log created on 22:44:50 02/16/2015 by Marilda, and last modified on 00:54:44 02/17/2015. Cast: Marilda and Walter.

Bat and Gear make a deal; revelations of humanity. - The Citharede encounters a dark interloper in the forest during her play session. A brief conversation reveals how much she's moved on, and how much humanity she still has. - Log created on 00:14:07 02/09/2015 by Marilda, and last modified on 03:06:31 02/09/2015. Cast: Marilda and Testament.

Bat and Hawk - A vampire in Mexico, in the middle of the day and holed up in a cantina. An unsuspecting hawk and a werewolf enter, and a bit of awkward socializing ensues. - Log created on 14:52:47 02/08/2015 by Marilda, and last modified on 21:20:12 02/08/2015. Cast: T. Hawk, Marilda, and Azumi.

[SNF 2014.12] SNF: Exhibition - Taiyo High - An Exhibition Match at Taiyo High to promote the proms! Watch the strange citharede, Marilda Barbat face off against the eccentric cook, Kuradoberi Jam! Let's burn some muscle! =Winner: Jam!!!= - Log created on 20:16:36 12/05/2014 by Marilda, and last modified on 02:25:51 12/06/2014. Cast: Marilda and Jam.

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