Full Name:MARIA - Maria Satake
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"Beyond hope, beyond dreams, beyond the unthinkable, there is -- MARIA!"

The experimental arts extend through all disciplines. In every field there is tradition and there is vanguard. In the field of the world fighting community, there is MARIA. (All capital letters.) A school of thought and performance and technique, MARIA incorporates artistry, taste and glamour into the conventional rhythms of the fighting ring, producing shocking and memorable effects. Book MARIA today. Reasonable rates. ... MARIA consists of one woman, Maria Satake, who is the black sheep of a small branch of an old-money Japanese family. What had been a hobbyist pursuit of the martial art turned into something far more embarrassing at a California university, and at this point her family has all but cut her off, including taking the side of an ex-husband for the sake of a seven-year-old son. Though this pains her deeply, Maria is a dedicated artist (or, possibly, dedicated to complex performances and the thrill of fighting) and will not relent in her self-chosen mission.

Style:Oto-to-Ugoki Experimental Arts
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Team ARTISTISM vs Team Legacy - The first round of qualifier matches get under way as The Arts Theatre clash with the Arts Martial in a stunning display of pyrotechnics and skill. Though only one team can emerge victorious, they are both determined to display the true depths of their craft. - Log created on 18:55:44 06/06/2019 by Kung Lao, and last modified on 18:43:53 06/16/2019. Cast: Slayer, Nakoruru, Kung Lao, and Maria.

[KOF 2019] Brought the Sexy Back - The stash of Golden Angel is an unusual prize to say the least. In the aftermath of the successful tournament, the stock of the rare substance was assumed destroyed. The obvious trail of where it could lay? The Golden Angel Waterpark. The mysterious Aurora has arrived at the waterpark, trying to find any clues on the Golden Angel spray. But her investigation is disrupted by Maria. Maria's, or rather, MARIA's motivations are more aesthetically pleasing, as she is after the true nature of hostess of the KOG. And what would she do to the Spangle performance of King of Fighters? Destroy it, and the fundamental core of hollowness that runs through it's artless execution. The two may be able to work together, if they can tolerate their own eccentricities! - Log created on 19:58:01 06/03/2019 by Aurora, and last modified on 16:14:15 06/04/2019. Cast: Aurora and Maria.

[KOF 2019] TEAM ARTISTISM: The Origin - Slayer recruits MARIA to investigate/join the King of Fighters. being an artist, MARIA takes it. TAKES IT - Log created on 19:07:00 05/31/2019 by Maria, and last modified on 22:03:46 05/31/2019. Cast: Slayer and Maria.

[SNF 2019.04] SNF: The Workshop Must Go On! - Hired to do a comedy workshop, MARIA is inspired by her adversaries tokusatsu look... and comes on stage for a hilarious fight of epic good versus evil! Look out, Koto! Naughty Witch MARIA is free! - Log created on 19:32:27 04/15/2019 by Koto, and last modified on 22:08:09 04/22/2019. Cast: Koto and Maria.

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