Full Name:Makoto Kato
Faction:Gedo High
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

Makoto Kato

"Rindo-kan karate is the best! Who's next!"

Daughter of the late Masaru Kato, a martial artist of some great renown, Makoto is the sole surviving practitioner of her father's unique brand of fighting known as Rindou-kan Karate. Though she still has family, her brother decided to take a different path and focus on his business career leaving his little sister to carry the torch. Before he passed away, Makoto swore an oath to restore the pride of her father's style - an oath which she takes to an obsessive degree. A tomboy down to her core, Makoto is both brash and aggressive, and quick to resort to her fists to solve any problem that gets in her way despite her small stature. What she lacks in size and experience, however, is more than compensated for by her iron-clad determination and the devastating power behind the techniques that she wields. Her unfeminine personality also has the unfortunate effect of causing her to be mistaken for a boy on a rather frequent basis - much to the detriment of anyone who voices that opinion out loud.

Signature Move:Seichuusen Godanzuki -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

SNF: Little Clowns of Happytown - Sometimes, when you are lost in Nevada, you find yourself in Tonopah. The sleepy old ghost town is home to silver mines, an attractive graveyard, and it's most unique attraction: The Clown Motel. It's here that the innocent youth, B. B. Hood, finds herself in a motel room for non-Spangles related reasons. Facing her? Well other than the lightless clown eyes upon her, is the hot-blooded martial artist, Makoto Kato. Taking place within the air-conditioning of the motel, B. B. Hood and Makoto get a fantastic chance to appreciate clown culture by facing off inside the motel! Just remember! The Clowns Have Eyes! - Log created on 14:37:04 06/17/2018 by Bulleta, and last modified on 12:39:42 06/19/2018. Cast: Makoto Kato and Bulleta.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #3 - Facing off for control over the right to claim one of the world reknowned pro belts, two challengers step forward to do honorable combat. The young but skilled fighter and owner of the Rindokan dojo, Makoto Kato goes head to head with a new face in the professional fighting circuit, the mercenary known as Argent. Which will triumph? Stay tuned to find out! (Winner: Makoto) - Log created on 13:07:22 04/07/2017 by Makoto Kato, and last modified on 20:54:45 04/26/2017. Cast: Makoto Kato and Argent.

SNF: Mian vs Makoto In: Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Have you ever wanted to be an anime? Of course you have. And what better way to celebrate being an anime than with Christmas, and through a true anime system. Two figures, chosen by the gods to reshape their world, have become Exalteds. Makoto is a Solar Exalted, who have the potential to be masters of all they put their mind to. Mian is a Lunar Exalted, wily shapeshifters, use guile and trickery. And together, you need to play out the nativity scene of the very first Christmas. Now we can't get you to Israel after that one UN declaration, but we can get you to Jordan! Close enough! You can recreate the nativity scene at Petra. Like Mian, you can be baby jesus. Or Makoto. I dunno, you sort out who wants to be baby jesus. <Winner: Mian> - Log created on 18:56:01 01/03/2017 by Mian, and last modified on 14:32:07 01/09/2017. Cast: Makoto Kato and Mian.

SNF: Nagase Vs Makoto in: Stew The Pooch! - Makoto and Nagase have a problem. The problem is that not enough people love dogs. The solution? Loading the dogs into a truck! Not them personally, no. But in order to raise awareness of the plight of puppies, the two will have a televised fight right in the Southtown Dog Pound, right as the men and women of the ASPCA load up the truck to bring the doggies to their brand... new... *sniff* home! <Winner: DKO> - Log created on 16:32:21 04/09/2016 by Nagase, and last modified on 14:29:48 04/11/2016. Cast: Nagase and Makoto Kato.

NL#0075: Makoto vs Cracker Jack - In an isolated Japanese dojo, Makoto marks her return to Neo League with a heart pounding duel against NL point leader Cracker Jack. Superior size faces technical mastery! (Winner: DKO) - Log created on 16:24:40 02/06/2016 by Cracker Jack, and last modified on 08:56:46 02/08/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Makoto Kato.

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