Full Name:Mai Shiranui
Weight:105 lbs.
Blood Type:B
Hometown:The Ozarks of Japan
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Auburn
Hobbies:Making Osechi
Personal Treasures:Hairpin From Grandmother
Favorite Food:Ozouni
Likes:Andy Bogard
Best Sport:Hane-Tsuki
OOC Data
Game:Fatal Fury
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Nippon Ichi!"

The granddaughter of the ninjutsu master Hanzo Shiranui, Mai has trained since childhood to be an elite ninja. One might not readily guess this, however, between Mai's energetic personality, flashy wardrobe, and fighting style. Her flirtatious demeanor and willingness to show off her generous figure belies a fighter with dangerous speed and a deadly mastery of throwing fans and fiery chi. Though hardly above using her looks to her advantage, Mai's heart belongs to her childhood friend Andy Bogard, though her temperamental personality and zealous advances have brought her little success thus far.

Style:Shiranui Ninjitsu
Signature Move:Hissatsu Shinobibachi -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

[SLAMFEST 2020] SLAMFEST 2020 Round 1 - Mai vs Gunloc - A matchup for the ages as the Florida Wild Horse, Gunloc, takes on the Alluring Ninja, Mai! A modern day legend of the ring takes some of the best that Japan has to offer. Who will win in this, the first round of SLAMFEST! - Log created on 11:36:06 01/16/2020 by Gunloc, and last modified on 00:17:54 01/21/2020. Cast: Gunloc and Mai.

[KOF 2019] Semifinal 1 - Women's Team vs Heavy Meatl Burnin' - Mai and Makoto of the Women's Team come up against the Beast of Flame in an all-out throwdown in the Slammasters Arena to decide one of KoF2k19's two finalist teams! - Log created on 17:42:54 09/21/2019 by K', and last modified on 19:49:19 10/01/2019. Cast: K', Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

[KOF 2019] Thunderdome - Mai vs Lita - Lita Luwanda from the Ikari Team takes on Mai Shiranui from the Women's Team. Mai's style and grace as well as Lita's strength and brutality are on full display as each fighter attempts to help their team move on from the prelims of the KoF tournament. - Log created on 20:24:23 07/16/2019 by Lita, and last modified on 10:22:13 07/17/2019. Cast: Lita and Mai.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - Women's Team vs Miracle Rookies - When the Women's Team discovers that the so-called Miracle Rookies are actually helmed by the Vampire Demitri, Mai and Makoto have a tough fight ahead of them in their second preliminary round! - Log created on 20:51:30 06/26/2019 by Mai, and last modified on 00:48:11 06/29/2019. Cast: Demitri, Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Women's Team vs Cat's Out Of The Bag - In this early King of Fighters match, The Women's Team fights vs Team Cat's Out of the Bag! It's a ninja demonstration with a lot of misdirection as Bulleta puts her tricky skills to good use! - Log created on 21:45:12 06/06/2019 by Mai, and last modified on 21:45:41 06/16/2019. Cast: Maki, Bulleta, Felicia, and Mai.

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