Full Name:Lady Lyraelle Darkheart
Age:Forever 21
Height:5'8" (172 cm)
Weight:~160 lbs (72 kg), accessories included
Blood Type:Royal
Nationality:Demonic American
Hometown:No longer relevant
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Pink
Date of Birth:Unknown
Hobbies:Roleplaying, reality shows, army building
Personal Treasures:Demon 'costume,' FightTube subscribers
Favorite Food:Instant noodles
Likes:Respect, grovelling, obedience
Dislikes:Thieves, usurpers, and bubblegum ice cream
Best Sport:Gliding
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Walk Off The Earth - Rule The World


"Behold my royal power!... And don't forget to like and subscribe!"

Until recently, fighting internet sensation 'Demon Queen' Lyraelle was thought by the public to be a darkstalker 'poseur' - mostly due to her own machinations and misleading FightTube documentaries. However, when Professional Fighting Worldwide declared a ban on darkstalkers on Saturday Night Fights following the invasion of Southtown and assassination of its mayor by darkstalkers, the Demon Queen 'came out' as a bona fide darkstalker - before announcing her rival 'Midnight Channel' brand catering primarily to creatures of the night and their fans. From that point forward, the Demon Queen has been an ambassador for darkstalker rights, using her entrepreneurial success to provide employment and security for a diverse legion of darkstalkers and darkstalker fanatics, even rehabilitating former violent darkstalkers in the public eye. After months of PR mismanagement of Saturday Night Fights by PFW coupled with rising popularity of the Midnight Channel for its diverse cast and more extreme matches (not to mention the host), the company cancelled its ban on the supernatural and, in a surprise turn, now employs Lyraelle as a presenter for its newly merged Midnight Channel content. Still, the true nature of the celebrity succubus remains mysterious, and many who have fought her hold a sense of distrust toward the demonette - and especially her spaded tail...

Style:Demonic Battle Arts
Signature Move:Royal Requisition - Sparkle Princess Selfie -- PHYSICAL ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One Finals] Round Four: Chevy vs Ichika - Before a packed-out arena, with the eyes of the world watching, Chevelle Beaumont and Kasumoto Ichika come face to face at last. They've lived together, trained together, even fought together before... but never in a truly competitive way, and never with so much riding on the line. What will happen now, when faced with the reality that only one of them can take that next step towards their dream? - Log created on 07:44:11 12/05/2023 by Ichika, and last modified on 13:23:01 12/07/2023. Cast: Shermie, Lyraelle, Ichika, and Chevy.

[NFG Season One] There Can Be Only One - In a shocking turn of events, Hawksley Moore and Buck Finley manage to spend an evening in a bar without either of them getting into a brawl. There's plenty more to keep the two fellas entertained though, including the company of Princess Lyraelle Lightheart and Kitty Fantastica. - Log created on 18:08:43 10/16/2023 by Hawksley, and last modified on 11:30:49 10/18/2023. Cast: Lyraelle, Hawksley, and Buck.

[NFG Season One] Otherworldly Possessions - Fresh off of a heartwarming little tete-a-tete with Chevelle Beaumont, Princess Lyraelle decides to spread the love to her next prospect, Junko. Unfortunately, her attempts to light a fire under Junko's backside quickly have Junko threatening to do the same in turn - literally. Can the former hostess of a dark godling offer anything to a miko with a killer corporeal cohabitant? - Log created on 06:26:10 09/23/2023 by Lyraelle, and last modified on 11:48:26 09/26/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Junko.

[NFG Season One] The Princess and the Farm Girl - Lyraelle's minions are hard at work, but one of them needs some fashion tips. - Log created on 13:14:38 09/14/2023 by Chevy, and last modified on 09:09:48 09/18/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Chevy.

[NFG Season One] A Bright Future - Following her failure in the first round battle against Nixie Ichika is summoned by the intimidating LYRAELLE. The Kasumoto heir has fretted a great deal about what her unwilling sponsor thinks of her, how she could possibly navigate that situation, and it seems she is right to worry. What is more surprising is that the student's opinion of the Sensei proves equally important. Shocking revelations ensue! The truth of Lyraelle's past bared to her stunned fan. Over milk and cookies a deal is struck, and the world need no longer fear. With young women like Lyraelle Lightheart and Kasumoto Ichika sworn to take care of it what could possibly go wrong? - Log created on 12:53:45 06/15/2023 by Ichika, and last modified on 17:35:07 06/16/2023. Cast: Lyraelle and Ichika.

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