Full Name:Eric "Lynx" Weber
Height:6'3" (190 cm)
Weight:202 lbs. (92 kg)
Blood Type:AB-
Eye Color:Blue-grey
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hobbies:Fishing, Hunting, Ice Sculpture
Likes:Sunglasses, bad puns, 90s music
Dislikes:Motorcycles, wasting time
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Tracy W. Bush
Theme Song:Too Cold - Vanilla Ice


"Trust me."

Following his capture by the Russian government near the turn of the millenium, the assassin operating under the codename 'Lynx' was held in a prison in Siberia for a decade and a half before he was approached by Interpol with an offer: in exchange for his release, he would be used as an inside plant in the organization of Shadaloo. Little is known of his past, but they say that while the man may have left Siberia, the harsh Siberian cold has not left him - both in demeanour and literally, given his affinity for ice.

Style:Ice Weaponry and Krav Maga
Signature Move:Lynx Claw Takedown -- THROW COUNTER
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

Recent Logs

Girl, Interrupted - Fevrier, the munitions expert of Vega's dolls, is busy teaching some of the Shadaloo rank and file a lesson in target acquisition when Shadaloo agent Lynx arrives in a disruptive capacity. An offer is made to salvage the situation through a combat demonstration. The offer is accepted, and battle is joined. - Log created on 20:24:41 07/22/2016 by Lynx, and last modified on 00:56:57 07/24/2016. Cast: Fevrier and Lynx.

A Billion Pounds of Gold - With the wreckage of the San Jose found by the Colombian authorities but the location of the shipwreck (and its estimated one billion British pounds' worth of gold cargo) unknown to the world at large, Agent Max Evory has been dispatched by MI6 on a diplomatic mission to insure that the treasure remains in the proper hands. However, one of Max's travelling companions on board a train to Cartegena finds herself the target of a Shadaloo operative intent on securing the location of the wreckage... - Log created on 13:15:47 12/05/2015 by Lynx, and last modified on 20:14:18 12/08/2015. Cast: Lynx and Max.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: CASE STUDIES - Here at one of the exhibits to demonstrate Ultratech's fighter analysis and safety technology are Zabel Zarock and Thunder - wait, there appears to have been a substitution. Replacing Thunder Hawk is a fighter calling themselves 'Snow.' There seem to also be some technical difficulties... but enjoy the show, and enjoy witnessing the future of combat scanning technology! - Log created on 15:42:19 03/14/2015 by Lynx, and last modified on 22:07:21 03/14/2015. Cast: Zabel and Lynx.

Shadaloo vs NESTS: Loyalty - During Shadaloo's assault on NESTS' high-tech cargo shipment, a group of NESTS reinforcements are accosted by Shadaloo agents on their way to the assault. While the predators close in on the transport, one of NESTS' elite agents enters the fray to try and bail them out in time to offer the rest of the cartel's forces some much needed back-up. - Log created on 17:36:56 01/17/2015 by Zero, and last modified on 22:44:45 01/23/2015. Cast: Vyle, Zero, and Lynx.

[SNF 2014.12] SNF: "THE LONGEST MILE" - Two weapon fighters do battle atop a moving transport truck as it plows through the Destruction Zone. A violent clash of ice and steel ensues. In the end, one must fall. (Winner: Makari) - Log created on 21:01:30 12/13/2014 by Lynx, and last modified on 19:09:29 12/14/2014. Cast: Makari and Lynx.

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