Full Name:Lucky Chloe
Faction:G Corporation
Weight:125 pounds
Blood Type:O
Nationality:American Born, Japanese Raised
Eye Color:Aquamarine
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:May 13th
Hobbies:Dancing, Singing, Fighting
Personal Treasures:Kitty Costumes
Favorite Food:Sushi
Likes:Professionalism, Winning, My Fans <3
Dislikes:Laziness, Losing, My Haters :(
Best Sport:Soccer
Love Interests:Secret
OOC Data
Status:Currently Played
Voice Actor:Hisako Kanemoto
Theme Song:Pretty Kitty by Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe

"Here we go!"

Even since her parents took her to an anime convention, Chloe wanted to be a pop idol. Specifically, a japanese pop idol. Copying the various pop idols of the world, she became a hit internet sensation when she donned her cute costume and performed on camera. Almost overnight, G-Corporation picked her up for an advertising contract, and now Lucky Chloe lives her dream as the face of G-Corporation. Uninvolved in most of the seedier and darker side of the business, Lucky Chloe mixes her choreography with combat finesse, dancing her way both into the hearts of her fans, to the chests of her enemies. While more of a performer than a fighter, she will do whatever she can to defend the honor of her company, for good or for evil.

Style:Freestyle Dance
Signature Move:C Uprock -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

Recent Logs

[Dead or Alive] Final Performance: And Emancipation - Arriving at DOATEC HQ to find out the true extent of DOATEC and Ultratech's involvement in the corporate wars currently embroiling and threatening even G-Corporation they find a headquarters in shambles. The remnants of machines and downed corporate assassins of every color and stripe lay everywhere. Black soot and exposed metal is everywhere. And in the center, one last machine, half-mad with the truth, and the programming to capture all intruders. DOATEC's tower is doomed, with the final impact due in minutes. Will the machine overide all sense, or will the man prevail one last time? - Log created on 15:43:21 07/21/2022 by Rae, and last modified on 05:16:58 03/10/2023. Cast: Brandon, Rae, and Lucky Chloe.

[Dead or Alive] Crackdown, Vol 3 - "Furthermore, the Ultratech corporation would like you to know it is aware of the rumors surrounding potential mergers between Ultratech and some of its contemporaries. Currently, any speculation should be considered premature and ultimately irresponsible, as espionage, terrorism and unrest remain at all time highs. However, Ultratech is pleased to announce it has extended its collaborative partnership with China's infamous Gong Family. History and Ultratech have always gone hand in hand, and now Ultratech is excited to feature a storied, timeless expertise as the cutting edge solution to the problems of today. Specialists from the Gong Estate will be on call throughout medical facilities worldwide to offer their unique therapeutic abilities and martial prowess for the benefit of all patients." - Log created on 10:59:32 04/08/2022 by Raiza, and last modified on 10:20:50 05/06/2022. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Tsinghua, and Raiza.

[Dead Or Alive] Call Me Raiza! DOA OVA: Raiden's Angels - With a new mission from a mysterious benefactor, Raiza reaches out to her classmate for recruitment to the party. She and Daisuke soon find themselves joined by a third wheel... but maybe a tricycle is just what the doctor ordered? - Log created on 14:35:28 03/06/2022 by Raiza, and last modified on 23:56:41 03/11/2022. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Daisuke, and Raiza.

[SNF 2021.12] SNF: NEVERMIND THE BAUBLES - Lucky Chloe, the Christmas Kitty, has been chosen to perform for the lighting of the Christmas lights at Southtown Village Mall! Cold-hearted Canadian Alexis Lovell, crusader for the Communist cause, has come to cancel the commercialized capitalist Christmas carol caper! Can Chloe save Christmas, or will anarchy reign this holiday season? - Log created on 12:18:17 12/06/2021 by Alexis, and last modified on 19:20:05 12/18/2021. Cast: Alexis and Lucky Chloe.

[SNF 2021.09] SNF: Lucky Chloe vs Natsu - "Pretty in Pink" - Pink-wearing popstar Lucky Chloe makes a guest appearance at the Gorin High fall dance. When one of the students (Natsu) disturbs her set by spiking the drinks - with a volleyball - the idol is not happy! - Log created on 05:37:04 09/25/2021 by Natsu, and last modified on 02:07:35 09/29/2021. Cast: Natsu and Lucky Chloe.

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