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Liu Kang

Destiny. Pure Destiny. Liu Kang has found himself bound by fate to be the Earthrealm's protector. Having studied long at the Wu Shi Academy, he is a member of the White Lotus Society. It was at this monastery that he uncovered his lineage to the Great Kung Lao. As such, it was determined he was fated to be the defender of the Earthrealm, to be at the vanguard of protecting it against dark warlords beyond the limits of humanity. Liu Kang possesses incredible agility, acrobatic skill and martial arts, and has an almost sacred connection with the power of the dragon. Liu Kang has a great weight upon his shoulders. But it is clear that he has the strength to keep the world safe... and defeat whoever challenges its people in mortal combat.

Style:Jeet Kune Do
Signature Move:Bicycle Kick -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

[The Descent] Round 3 - A Fucking Fight Broke Out - Home to an elite cadre of monster hunters, The Arena of Ravenous Delights in Hungary has played host to increasingly raucous parties set to an unmistakable score of violence during the Revenant Queen's tournament. Perhaps, then, the pressure cooker into which Kain and Liu Kang are thrust to perform is an entirely predictable phenomenon, right down to the clashes of arms erupting throughout the audience which threaten to spill onto the fighting stage itself as Podiebrads descend into an alcohol and adrenaline-fueled riot. - Log created on 19:12:47 08/11/2022 by Kain, and last modified on 11:36:33 08/25/2022. Cast: Kain and Liu Kang.

[The Descent] Round 1 - If You Can Hear Them It's Too Late - China's Lin Kuei Forest is said to be haunted by demons. Luckily, the Shaolin prodigy Liu Kang and Stellar Assassin Zafina are well-equipped to face whatever might lurk in the shadows beyond the encroaching trees of the deep, dark woods. - Log created on 18:53:33 07/10/2022 by Zafina, and last modified on 09:00:35 07/16/2022. Cast: Zafina and Liu Kang.

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