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Game:Dead or Alive
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Lisa Hamilton

"You OK? You're the one who wanted to fight you know."

A brilliant scientist, Lisa Hamilton is the last sort of person one would expect to find in the high flying, whacky hijinks filled ring of Luche Libre. But when she sheds her lab coat for the night, Lisa becomes the luchadora, "La Mariposa", a masked acrobatic of remarkable wrestling talent. Those with insight into the dark world of corporate espionage will know that Lisa one of the foremost minds on the subject of genetic manipulation and human cloning. There are rumors of her being involved in matters of questionable legality while working for the massive DOATEC, which seems at odds with her generally mysterious but overall friendly nature. But for most people, she is simply the fun having, cheerful luchadora turning heads in the wrestling circuits.

Style:Lucha Libra + Capoeira
Signature Move:La Quebrada Enorme Doble -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

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