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"You have such beautiful eyes... can I have them?"

When Morrigan Aensland was discovered by her foster father Belial, ruler of the demon world in ages past, he sensed she was a powerful soul. So powerful that she needed to be divided into two pieces to avoid her becoming a danger to herself and others. The other minor part was sealed away in a pocket dimension where it remained until it was captured by the resurrected vampire lord, Jedah Dohma. He fashioned a body for the other part of the soul, creating Lilith Aensland. Yearning for life and new experiences but also embittered and psychotic after long years spent in captivity, Lilith served as Jedah's servant until her ephemeral body began to break down. Her only hope of survival was to re-join her sister, Morrigan. Inside she was changed, accessing her other half to become more complete than she was. Now emerged as a wholly new creature with a life all her own, Lilith has the potential to go anywhere and do anything, no longer a slave. Beautiful, daring and absurd--she is friendly and well-meaning, however clumsy and unsure of her own strength and abilities. Confronting the world with all the capriciousness and vigor of a young teenage girl yet embodying the frightful powers of darkness, a soul-eating succubus. Her path is between the gloom of twilight and the waking world of humans, her blood red wings instruments of doom--or salvation.

Style:Aensland Fighting Arts
Signature Move:Gloomy Puppet Show -- THROW ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

Succubus Host Club - Tarmo runs into Lilith who has been moonlighting at the Mars & Venus in Southtown to help find some semi-willing donors for her succubi feeding needs. Question is, is Lilith prepared for an encounter with the Finn? - Log created on 17:42:59 10/06/2023 by Lilith, and last modified on 19:15:57 10/07/2023. Cast: Lilith and Tarmo.

A Succubit on the Subway! - Yuri misses the last train going anywhere--and runs into a succubus! Well, tiny one? Succubit? It's Lilith! - Log created on 19:06:31 12/05/2022 by Lilith, and last modified on 21:43:53 12/05/2022. Cast: Lilith and Yuri.

Stay Frosty Amigo - Stumbling upon Frost busting up some mooks in Metro City, Lilith makes a new friend. - Log created on 18:01:42 06/19/2022 by Lilith, and last modified on 17:32:26 06/21/2022. Cast: Lilith and Frost.

[SNF 2021.09] MC: SCREAM - There's two killers on the loose! Lilith and Lackey have teamed up to terrorise poor defenceless Potemkin. Peer pressure, over sensitivity, or boredom? Whatever their motive, the deadly duo are out for blood. - Log created on 18:57:44 10/05/2021 by Lilith, and last modified on 07:24:38 10/06/2021. Cast: Lilith, Potemkin, and Lackey.

The Succubecoming - Lilith separates from her sister (literally) inside Castle Alucard and a brand new Succubit is born. - Log created on 20:04:01 06/30/2021 by Lilith, and last modified on 23:17:39 06/30/2021. Cast: Morrigan and Lilith.

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