Full Name:Emilie de Rochefort
Weight:123 lbs
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Light Gray
Hair Color:Honey Blonde
Likes:Sebastian, Winning, Pleasing Father, Money, Monaco
Dislikes:All Mishimas, Asuka, Losing, Upsetting Father
Best Sport:Gymnastics
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


Emilie (or Lili, as she more commonly goes by) is the only daughter of a very wealthy oil magnate. As such, it made her an appealing target for ransomers, who kidnapped a younger Lili for that very reason. Before they could collect a ransom, however, the girl managed to free herself from her bonds and took out her captors herself. Surprised and exhilirated, the experience awoke a lust for combat in the outwardly demure girl. However, her father was a very pacifistic man and hated the very thought of violence. Under the guise of vacations, Lili spent the next few years travelling the world to compete in all manner of fighting tournaments. Despite her lack of a master, her innate skills and deceptive appearance brought her victory time and again. The only bump in this girl's road turned out to be Azuka Kazama. This was a sort of girl that Lili had never met before: she was strong, confident, and capable. She experienced her first defeat at Asuka's hands, which in turn sparked a fierce, if slightly one-sided rivalry. Even now, she seeks to prove that she's the better fighter.

Style:Street Fighting
Signature Move:Feisty Rabbit -- PHYSICAL COUNTER
Signature Ability:COUNTER -- REVERSAL

Recent Logs

[SNF 2014.11] SNF: The Young and the Restless - With Southtown buried under snow, someone had the bright idea of holding a fight for three challengers in a parking lot completely filled with a mountain of snow. Tempers heat up as Lili, Mila, and Rainbow Mika all face off to see who which challenger will be standing on the top at the end and be declared Queen of the Hill! ...Despite the production coordinator getting the rules slightly wrong. - Log created on 18:09:59 11/23/2014 by Rainbow Mika, and last modified on 17:20:18 11/24/2014. Cast: Rainbow Mika, Lili, and Mila.

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