Full Name:Leo Whitefang
Faction:Sacred Order
Height:196 cm
Weight:83 kg
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blond
OOC Data
Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Jamieson Price
Theme Song:

Leo Whitefang

"Attempting to analyze your defeat would be an utter waste of time. The truth is painfully simple: You lost because you aren't me."

A prideful and honorable man, the noble Leo Whitefang serves the Sacred Order as one of its high-ranking officers. Courageous beyond belief, and proud to the point of arrogance, Leo's combat capabilities and leadership are legendary even amongst the Order. He would be considered the greatest soldier in their ranks... if it weren't, of course, for Ky Kiske, the man he considers his eternal rival. In spite of this, he remains a diligent, loyal commander, and holds a passionate competitive spirit toward Ky. Leo uses his incredible strength to wield dual swords with considerable skill. Using an aggressive and sometimes flamboyant stance-based style, Leo brings justice to the unrighteous enemies of the Sacred Order.

Style:Brynhildr Crossblade Swordsmanship
Signature Move:Eisen Sturm -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

NOL Bounty Data

Leo Whitefang  
Class: ABounty: $400,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Wanted for unspecified crimes. The file concerning him is almost entirely redacted.

Recent Logs

Pawn checks King, King takes Pawn - The Second King of Illyria makes an unofficial visit to Japan to extradite an informant... who also happens to have a warrant set on him by NOL. Surely there is no way in which this could have negative consequences. - Log created on 21:40:38 08/15/2021 by Katsuro, and last modified on 22:50:23 08/16/2021. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Katsuro.

SNF: "Fight Knight: Battle in Berlin" - The last stop in our American birthday extravaganza is the capital of another titan of industry: Germany! The great American hero Mike Bison will put his fists to the test against German** steel in this clash of powerhouses! Both fighters will be driven to the battleground before the gate in top-of-the-line vehicles provided by our sponsors, Ford and Mercedes-Benz, under the glow of fireworks above the iconic gate! - Log created on 19:36:33 07/02/2021 by M. Bison, and last modified on 23:09:39 07/03/2021. Cast: M. Bison and Leo Whitefang.

Dizzy Learns Not To Kill People! - Well she tries to. The Miseducation of Dizzy has begun, lead by Rosalind and the mysterious King Lion - Log created on 10:33:16 05/25/2021 by Dizzy, and last modified on 15:58:17 06/07/2021. Cast: Dizzy, Leo Whitefang, and Rosalind.

The Lion, The Knight and The Princess - In the aftermath of Ramlethals' attack, Illyria recovers and Ky and Leo are forced to make a difficult decision. - Log created on 21:55:21 05/18/2021 by Leo Whitefang, and last modified on 22:29:26 05/23/2021. Cast: Ky Kiske, Dizzy, and Leo Whitefang.

A Declaration of War - For some time since Justice's demise an agent of destruction has lurked in the shadows, watching and biding her time. Now with the world thrown into fresh chaos, the Universal Will starts to move her pieces on the board once again. - Log created on 19:27:41 04/25/2021 by Ramlethal, and last modified on 08:55:19 04/30/2021. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Ramlethal.

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