Full Name:Elenor "Leo" Kliesen
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Leo Kliesen

"If I want the information I'm after, I'd better be ready to go the distance."

Leo is the child of a world-famous spelunker and a top-ranked executive of the G Corporation. Their father disappeared during childhood, though they didn't allow that tragedy to define them, thanks in no small part due to the love and support of their mother. Recently, however, their mother was murdered under brutal and horrifying circumstances, leaving them with no living family members. What's worse is that the police closed the investigation suspiciously quickly, claiming a lack of leads in the case despite Leo's protests. Without any other focus, Leo turned to the study of bajiquan, an extremely practical and forthright martial art that they knew would be necessary for their self-defence in this dangerous world. They have also refused to give up on their mother's case, and have noticed that the name 'Mishima Kazuya' comes up again and again in their investigation. With no other leads, and plenty of rumours as to Kazuya's shady dealings, including faking his own death, Leo is determined to meet this man and get the answers they deserve about the tragedy that has befallen their family, whilst still doing their best not to be defined wholly by their past.

Signature Move:Startled Crane -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

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