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Game:Dead or Alive
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"Did you enjoy that full course of techniques?"

Born into affluence, Leifang's challenges in life have largely been her own to invent. While a child, she was the target of an kidnapping for ransom, but the attempt was foiled by a young man who was already becoming a prominent martial artist. Inspired by the strength displayed, the girl threw herself into learning martial arts as well. Her family afforded her the best trainers in Taijiquan, a graceful style that emphasizes slow, fluid movements rather than the rapid flurry of strikes present in so many other martial arts. But in her heart, Leifang knew that the true purpose of her training would be to one day prove to the young man who saved her just how far she had come since then. This obsession has sparked a number of reckless adventures as Leifang spares no expense in trying to find Jann Lee and show him how strong she has become.

Signature Move:Sanren Kyaku -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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