Full Name:Lee Pai Long
Age:Very Old
Height:171 cm. (5'7")
Weight:62 kg. (137 lbs.)
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Hong Kong
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Silver Fox
Date of Birth:January 7th
Personal Treasures:His Medicine Shop
Favorite Food:Coffee
Likes:Foreign Movies
Dislikes:Chinese Food
Best Sport:Jai Alai
OOC Data
Game:Art of Fighting
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

Lee Pai Long

"The only nourishment an untroubled mind desires is that of a harmonious soul."

A study in diametric opposites that make up a complex whole, Lee Pai Long is doctor and killer, an enigmatic old warrior with a talent for chemistry and acrobatics. Originally from Taiwan, Lee rose to become a prominent figure in the Chinese and Hong Kong underworld, establishing a partnership with the master assassin known as Gen and carving his mark on the shadowy side of the world. Along with his mastery of Chinese medicine, Lee Pai Long fights largely with his agility and a pair of dangerous claws worn over his hands. Coupled with his expertise in martial arts, and his focus on the Eagle and several northern Shaolin forms of kung-fu, these claws can prove quite dangerous, even lethal to those who cross this healer and destroyer.

Style:Shaolin and Eagle Kung-fu + Claws
Signature Move:Kuuten Tsume -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 2 - Steve and Bob have found Mitsuru at a sketchy prison in the heart of Chinatown. The pair splits up, with Steve rioting his way right through the front door. When he encounters the warden, however, it becomes a delicate battle over life and death... for the teenager girl's sake. - Log created on 11:31:58 01/10/2020 by Lee Pai Long, and last modified on 22:11:30 01/15/2020. Cast: Lee Pai Long, Steve, and Bob.

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