Full Name:Lamira Corvus
Faction:Full Moon Society
Blood Type:Infernal
Eye Color:Purple
Hair Color:
Date of Birth:October 23rd
Hobbies:Hobbies are the conceit of an idle mind.
Personal Treasures:Pearl earring, her meditation gem
Favorite Food:rare steak drenched in garlic butter with Eton Mess for dessert
Likes:antique furniture, collecting pebbles & gemstones, photography, nature at its most scenic
Dislikes:excessive noise, technology, anglophiles and Monsters with a capital J
Best Sport:Lacrosse
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"Never presume victory until you have the wretched stinker by the ankles, tra la la."

Raised, tutored and terrorized by Jedah Dohma, the last Corvus is determined to weather the violent discrimination shown towards Darkstalkers in a bid for peace; thrashing being the universal language she reluctantly adopts with most opponents whom seek to in her own words "to irresponsibly tinker and destroy." Combined with a distinct hauteur born of an aristocratic upbringing, the shadow fighter often comes off as somewhat abrasive in her dealings with other like-minded folk. Still, for those tolerant souls she is a loyal comrade who rarely lets her petty dislikes cloud her judgement. Although she has exerted little effort to disguise herself and her history, most persist in the belief she is a demon in the vein of the flamboyant Corvus, self-styled ruler over goblinkind; presumed presently to be a permanent fixture within his former fiefdom.

Style:Dark Energy
Signature Move:Waxing Terror -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

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