Full Name:Lackey, subject of Myriad
Height:5' 9", 6' 1" if you count the horns.
Blood Type:Demonic
Hometown:The beach
Eye Color:Pink
Hair Color:Light Purple
Date of Birth:March 19
Hobbies:Sleeping, Hanging out on the beach, trying to fit in
Favorite Food:Whatever she can afford.
Likes:Sleeping, the beach, hanging out with her friends, Myriad, people who are fine with her being a demon,
Dislikes:Heavy effort, formal dress codes, being bossed aroud by Myriad, global warming, being broke, caffeine
Best Sport:Volleyball, Sand Surfing
Love Interests:Sleep
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Lackey: A Thousand Leagues Below/ Myriad: The Bounty Hunter both from Shovel Knight


"You're not going to make this easy are you?"

Lackey was born into a world of corruption and apathy. As a result she was born with demonic features including horns, pointed ears, fangs, a spiky tail and claws. Her parents didn't want to have to deal with having a Darkstalker for a daughter. As a result they sold her off to a powerful demonic mermaid named Myriad. Being a lowly demon stuck with a gigantic debt she prefers to live a carefree life lazing on the beach. This extends to her fighting style as she's capable of controlling sand and dust. Her chances to relax generally don't last long as she often finds herself being dragged in her master's next get rich quick scheme. That or someone simply decides to ruin her day at the beach. Myriad isn't completely heartless though. Sometimes she'll show up to assist Lackey in battle with her water chi or more direct means.

Style:Slothful Sand
Signature Move:Sleeping Dust -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

[SNF 2022.10] TMC: "THE GATE" - An elaborate giant summoning circle has been drawn on the stone in the center of the estate's courtyard. Within it, eldritch sigils activate when an intruder draws near and summons forth a creature from the stygian depths to do battle. Or well, in this case, Lackey, demon of sloth! While not quite as fearsome as some of her brethren, she is compelled to do the circle's bidding by the inscription and repel any who trespass. Can Yuri best this demoness from otherside, or fall into a deep slumber from which there is no return? - Log created on 19:30:15 10/31/2022 by Yuri, and last modified on 08:34:25 11/03/2022. Cast: Lackey and Yuri.

[SNF 2021.09] MC: SCREAM - There's two killers on the loose! Lilith and Lackey have teamed up to terrorise poor defenceless Potemkin. Peer pressure, over sensitivity, or boredom? Whatever their motive, the deadly duo are out for blood. - Log created on 18:57:44 10/05/2021 by Lilith, and last modified on 07:24:38 10/06/2021. Cast: Lilith, Potemkin, and Lackey.

The Sands of Heck - Tarmo and Lackey meet on the beach late at night. Can Tarmo avoid falling victim to the demoness's corruption like everyone else around? - Log created on 16:06:46 07/10/2021 by Lackey, and last modified on 21:49:18 07/10/2021. Cast: Tarmo and Lackey.

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A usual day for Lackey at the beach.

Lackey's master, Myriad.

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