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Kung Lao

Former Shaolin monk and direct descendant of the Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao is a man made of contrasts. Believing strongly in peaceful co-existence and respect for all life, he is none-the-less a deadly warrior of the White Lotus Society, a group of mortal warriors hand picked by Lord Raiden to aid in the defense of Earthrealm. However, when the time came for him to answer that call and fulfill his destiny, he refused the summons of Mortal Kombat, lost to despair that no man would ever have the strength to defeat the champion Goro. Ultimately proven wrong, Kung Lao now fights to earn back his lost honor and regain his shaken faith, combining his mastery of the winds with well-honed martial arts and a penchant for unusually deadly headwear.

Style:Shaolin Fist
Signature Move:Razor Rim -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2021.04] MC: BURIED SECRETS - For his failure to overcome the Worldwide Young Ladies' Club, Kung Lao has found himself rebuffed from gaining an audience with the Demon Queen. Instead, he's been given a cryptic new quest: he'll be taken, blindfolded, to a remote location in the Middle East. When he arrives at the tomb, he's told that in order to secure an audience with the Demon Queen, he must delve into the tomb's burial chamber and retrieve an object from the sarcophagus: a khopesh, once wielded by a great conqueror. With this tribute, he will be granted an audience with Lyraelle - but beyond the multitude of deadly traps filling the tomb, he'll also have to defeat a revenant of the past - as the deadly warrior known as Scorpion awaits within, having been promised aid in a quest for an 'audience' of his own... - Log created on 20:06:31 04/12/2021 by Kung Lao, and last modified on 12:40:29 04/18/2021. Cast: Scorpion and Kung Lao.

[SNF 2021.02] TMC Presents: DOUBLE BLIND DATE - Seeking an explanation for the bloody conflicts and otherworldly encounters that his Midnight Channel journeys have brought him through, Kung Lao demands an audience with the Demon Queen - only to be informed that Her Infernal Majesty will only entertain him if he dons the provided formalwear! Little does he know that on the other side of the door is not Her Majesty's office, but the Midnight Channel's recording studio, where two aspiring young lady fighters are waiting with instructions that the opponent for their live Midnight Channel audition will be arriving presently in a tuxedo! - Log created on 09:53:21 02/25/2021 by Kung Lao, and last modified on 16:27:34 03/02/2021. Cast: Pullum, Blair, and Kung Lao.

[SNF 2021.01] TMC: BORNE IN BLOOD - Continuing his Midnight journey, the mighty Kung Lao finds himself drawn to one of the grimmest locales we at The Midnight Channel have had the pleasure of presenting. But what monster awaits our Shaolin warrior in this place of death? Warning: This match is guaranteed to be a bloody one. - Log created on 12:55:44 01/22/2021 by Kung Lao, and last modified on 23:28:21 01/22/2021. Cast: Skarlet and Kung Lao.

[SNF 2020.11] SNF: Death World - "Heh heh heh... HA HA HA! Sorry, minions~ Sometimes a Queen just can't contain her excitement! This one's a special one! Why, you may ask? Aren't there any monsters? I mean, Marduk doesn't -quite- count, right? Well, tune in and you'll see just what happens when two fighters find themselves in a haunted forest where even the lines between life and death are mutable! Did I mention that you should put the kiddies to bed before you watch this one? Don't say I didn't warn you~" - Log created on 09:52:24 11/10/2020 by Marduk, and last modified on 16:41:08 11/13/2020. Cast: Marduk and Kung Lao.

Yukar #2: Forks in the Path - A story of lessons, realizations, and destinations. - Log created on 14:07:57 01/18/2020 by Nakoruru, and last modified on 19:31:27 01/26/2020. Cast: Nakoruru and Kung Lao.

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